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Anyone has twice the bike of these guys

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nil_orally, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. That's really getting into ya bike :grin:
  2. How cool is that! :LOL:
  3. Tony, I am in awe of your searching capabilities.

    Hey, these are nice and narrow, great for lane splitting :LOL:
  4. I am about to patent them. I call it Bumbling.
  5. I want one.... dunno how it would handle the twisties tho...
  6. These are already available, they were on that Beyond2000 show recently.
  7. Twisties don't worry me - it's what happens when you brake suddenly I'd be concerned about. Seems to me the two options are spinning backwards (and possibly upside down), or getting intimate with a hot engine :shock: :LOL:.
  8. hmmm i wonder what A pilot power would cost in that size??
  9. That is for a model which is much skinnier then one from the thread!! You can find a pic of it near the bottom of this link

  10. Looks more like that thing that John Travolta rode in that old South Park episode!
  11. Wicked machines :cool:
  12. i was thinking the same thing ... braking and accelerating both :?