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Anyone had their nose broken?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, May 6, 2007.

  1. In a soccer game today an errant elbow 10 seconds into the game from a clumsy opposition player made my right nostril run like a tap.
    Under the blood rule i went off expecting the worst but looking in the mirrors in the clubrooms my nose has taken on a left to right slant due to swelling.
    Now I know some of you have had their noses broken what exactly do you feel? does the bone move around or is the gristle under the nosebone altered?
    so far I have no bruising as i iced it up straight away but fark me it hurts now.

  2. Who nose :rofl:

    Sorry It had to be done.

    oh and the Imaging expo was orrite ;)
  3. Ive had mine broken 4 times and basically each time its just felt like mush and i could grab it and move it all over the shop...

    It was all bent the second time but now its pretty much straight again :grin: , though i do have a nice lump in the middle...
  4. :worthlesspics: :wink:
  5. that doesn't sound so good ...

    I had a friend in high school who was in a bit of a tiff and she basically got smacked in the face by this other chick - fair and square in the nose. She looked a right sight almost immediately with her nose off to the side a bit - looked all kinds of broken. Turned out not to be but she was going to have all kinds of issues with breathing through her nose and stuff for quite some time cos of it. Many years down the track now and I often wonder if she ever had surgery or anything to correct it - I certainly got the impression that it wasn't going to just "heal itself".

    Should probably get it checked out if it doesn't look right to you. Even if it's not broken, there could be other stuff that needs attention.
  6. The important thing to think about here is that Owen Wilson is a very rich and successful actor.
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  8. [​IMG]
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    funny funny boy!!!!
  10. Just call me Owen.
    Nose has lost some of its swelling but still hurts.
    Put the helmet on today to ride to work touched the bridge OUCH.
    Anyways I'm confident it's badly bruised internally and not broken.
    No external bruising yet.
  11. Yeah I've got a busted nose from having my face kicked in one night in Hallam. My septum (the bit that separates your nostrils) still has a crack in it and it's much easier for me to breathe through my left nostril than my right, which is bloody annoying when it gets blocked.

    It's not the world's biggest deal, your face looks very impressive for a week or 2 til the swelling goes down and then it's just a bit wonky... Which for a nose the size of yours Smee could mean you have to turn your head a little to get through doors. :grin:
  12. I had mine broken in 3 places many years ago landing an aircraft after it suddenly went very quiet in front, and the fan thingy stopped turning. As part of my magnificent and highly skilled technique I had opened the canopy and prepared myself to release the harness and run like hell as soon as it came to a halt, (not wanting to become a crispy critter in case of fire). Unfortunately in my enthusiasm I released the harness just a second or so too soon. and got a very sudden and really close-up look at the instrument panel. I still have a nice Romanesque bump dead-centre, so maybe my middle name should be Owen too...
  13. Music critic was it, Loz?

    :p :LOL: :LOL:
  14. My nose bone is about 1 centimeter long, the rest is all gristle. I can flatten it to my face from the front and from either side. Can even twist the end till my nostrils point up.
    Little kids are easily impressed by it. :LOL:
  15. Went to the doctors today nose is fractured on left side so gotta go get it straightened tomorrow morning if possible.
  16. yes, as a retired (read - not very successful) boxer, mine has been adjusted quite a few times.
    no big deal, hurts, but you can deal with it.
    i know mines broken when i get "that funny smell" dunno if anyone else has experienced it, but its how i tell.
  17. Joel joel joel... from your pic I would guess you misjudged a head-butt rather than got in an ACTUAL ring with someone, but I spose we learn something new everyday :grin:
  18. note-
    scar tissue to upper right eye, missing portion of brow due to having left eye opened continuously, fat middle of nose due to copping, and then healing from, lefts and rights :shock:
    i used to train at Turner PCYC :)

    mind you, i am sure i have been headbutted too :grin:
  19. OK
    Image added of the aftermath
    Went in today and had it reset under general
    at least it points to the centre now and not to the right.
    plaster has to stay on for a week
    took this with the webcam not my expensive cameras as they would have been damaged :wink: