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Anyone had back surgery?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brett5141, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    As I am booked in to have a micro distectomy next wednesday (one disc removed), I was wondering if any of you wise riders had every had back surgery.

    My main query is how long I will be off the bike, I have been told to have two weeks off work but the Doc's are always hesitant to give a time frame about getting back on the cycle.

    Any experiences or advice much appreciated.


  2. are you actually having the whole disc removed or just shaved back so it doesnt touch the nerve ??
  3. I'm actually having the whole L4/5 disc removed it is apparently fairly cactus (technical term), two surgeons wanted to do a fusion but i steered very clear of them.

    Apparently if you have one disc removed it is not too bad.
  4. I know some people are so very much against back op's. But if it has to be done then so be it. I am a little concerned though that they are removing a whole disc and not actually fusing?? If those two vertabrae touch at all, you will have alot of discomfort. And i dont know if they have told you this, but its fairly common when one disc goes, there can be the same problem with the other discs.. Good luck with your op. I would be very surprised though if you were back on the bike before 10-12 weeks.
  5. why are your discs being removed? is it bike related?
  6. Bike related????

    Doctor: "I'm going to remove your discs. It's OK, though, because I'll be replacing them with drums".


    Doctor: "The problem is clearly bike-related. You have a choice - shorter spine or taller fairing?. :wink:
  7. When Kyzmos see's this topic tonight or tomorrow, she'll be able to give you these answers :)
  8. brett5141 wrote
    Good call . A friend had his fused and he regrets having that procedure done .
  9. lol....i can see my statement is quite ambiguous! :)

    no i mean more like was it damaged in an accident? or due to constantly being on the sports bike with its strain/vibration that caused back problems? or totally unrelated to bikes?
  10. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the replies, I ended up going to three surgeons, one reccomended a fusion, one was not sure and the other said that the offending disc definitely had to come out.

    I have tried most other things but unfortuntely looks like surgery is the way to go.

    There is not one particular thing that i can blame it on, just years of sport and having a bad back (and saying she'll be right).

    Hoping its not 12 weeks, ill be bored out of my brain, already wondering what ill do for two weeks in bed!


  11. Have you considered disc replacement surgery. This has benefits over a fusion in that you retain some degree of movement at that level. Fusion should always be a last resort.

    Isn't a microdiscectomy where they remove the protruding section that impinges the nerve rather than the whole disc?

    Whatever happens, I hope they get you back to riding.

    Good luck with the surgery.
  12. Does 3 lots of surgery count??? :?
    Last one 8 weeks ago, still got 2 prolapsed discs, but after 7 mths, im finally back riding again, woohoo!! :D :D :D

    PM if ya want any advise, or want to know what my surgeries entailed.