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Anyone had a group interview with Safeway/Woolworths?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scottie, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I've got an interview coming up with Safeway to work in the bakery dept. and I've never had an interview with a big company before.
    Just wondering if they're expecting you to be wearing a shirt and tie? For those who have met me, they'll know that I'm not the type of person that should be wearing a tie EVER!
    Will clean pants and a polo be alright?

  2. If its one of those group interveiws that im thinkign about. U just gota make sure u use team work and talk to people.
  3. tie is probably a bit too much for a bakery job interview imho.
    Something smart & tidy like your suggestion of polo & slacks will be fine.

    cooperative, good communication, and confidence are some good things to present in a group ( or any for that matter ) interview
  4. scottie coming tonight?

    i went to one. suit and tie. and there was a whole heap of school kids in uniform.

    id recomend shirt and slacks, dont look like a bum but not over professional.

    just pretend to be customer/team focussed.


  5. Yeah, I'm coming tonight.
    You bringing the scooter girl? :wink:

    I won't have a problem in the interview, I just don't want to be over/under dressed.
  6. asked her 3 times and she knocked me back. her words "i dont just ride for the sake of riding. i bought a scooter just to get around"

    she is now dead to me

    Wear a bakers apron under your shirt, and if they ask why your right for the position. rip ur shirt of "incredible hulk style"
  7. Dont bother with the tie. But at least have collar. (Probably not with metal studs)
    The main things that would be looked for in a group interview is the interaction with other people. Stand out but dont be bossy.
    Good Luck
  8. What's wrong with wearing a tie? It shows that you're making an effort to get the job.

    Anyway, what's a "group" interview?
  9. Neat casual with tidy hair and not many piercings is always what they are looking for trust me I have been in retail management before :wink:
  10. The application/tests etc are filled out as a group, so psuedo intellectuals can analyse how you behave with other people. So basically, stand out in the right way and you'll get a callback.
  11. its not going to be like being interviewed in front of a board of employers, the 'group' probably refers to the other prospects.

    i know that wollies dont give a sh!t about the people who work for them at all. they have this philosophy

    bleed em dry, then replace em.

    it doesnt matter if they're good or bad, just so long as the money comes in.

    no value for easily replacable employees at all.
    the philosophy of coles

    treat employees well. if we want loyalty from them, they should receve it from us.

    sorry, ive worked for both.

    you're probably going to be asked to 'start tomorrow'. i wouldnt stress over it at all. be casual, neat, clean fingernails and hair.

    the best advice i can give is when ur sitting in the chair [which u wait to be invited into] sit BACK not forward.

    sitting back says 'u want me' sitting fwd says 'im deperate and need you'.

    dont take a beverage in with you. if u need a drink have water b4 and toss the bottle. have fresh breath.

    cheers :cool:
  12. Build them a cake or something.
    That will impress them.
  13. Not sure if ur done ur interview yet but at the interview they don't make u wear a tie or anything fancy but make sure u don't wear anything that can be offensive.

  14. i wore jeans and a hoody to mine lol still got the job just be a cocky bastard and talk to your group alot