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Anyone had a Fine Needle Aspiration before?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bambam_101, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Just a quick one...

    Im going in to have a Fine Needle Aspiration performed on my thyroid tomorrow morrning. Was just wondering if anyone has had this done before and could shed some light on what to expect?? Docs have told me sweet fa about it. Even tho ive asked them on several occasions. They just say "ah youll be fine". Gee thanks!

    Got a lump in my thyroid and all theyve told me is that i have to have this done to determine if its cancerous or not so any advice from anyone been through this before would be great.


  2. Have done it on the ovaries of dead cows before lol

    The way it's done for that would be similar I imagine a vacuum pump is attached to the needle that drains into a collection vessel
  3. My wife had one done last year - she said it was no big deal just a little uncomfortable. She also had her thyroid revoved in December - again, not as bad as it sounds except that it takes months to get the dosage of calcium, vitamin D and Thyroxin correct to get the system back into balance afterwards.
  4. But women are known to have a high pain tolerance :p

    Hope your girl is feeling so much better by now :grin:
  5. Thanks, she's settled down and is OK. Her sister has gone 40 years without a thyroid so she's not too worried.
  6. Do you tend to lose weight or gain weight once your thyroid has been removed?
  7. Well MrsB remained about static. However, it became apparent that her thyroid hadn't been functioning correctly for 10 years or so and therefore it's removal didn't have much immediate effect.

    On the original topic, she had what ISTR was a fine needle aspiration nine years ago. The procedure itself was, apparently, a bit uncomfortable, as previously noted. The unpleasant bit was waiting for the results, particularly getting a phone call from her GP requesting her to attend urgently, then being told that the lump was malignant.

    However (and I hope this comes across in the encouraging spirit that it's meant), as we discovered, if you are going to have a carcinoma, the thyroid isn't a bad place to get it as they tend to be slow growing and not inclined to spread, and, these days, it's possible to get by quite adequately without a thyroid gland.

    Very best of luck to you. PM me if you want more details.
  8. Whilst not a thyroid, I had a ganglion on my left foot aspirated by a 19G needle.

    They tried it years ago but failed to get anything out of it so let it be and it went away.

    Late last year however, it flared up again with a vengeance. It caused half my foot to go numb as it was pushing on a nerve.

    Once David Young spotted me limping around at work, he took me across the road to his room and aspirated it. The intense pain subsided immediately but it was still uncomfortable for a few weeks after the aspiration.

    He's hell bent on removing it via surgery, I've managed to avoid him for a few years now and as a bonus his list is over 3 months long :grin:
    But I believe he's briefed another of his surgeons :( now I need to avoid him as well ;)
  9. Yer an idjit and yer a wuss! David Young's one of the best surgeons in Melb! HTFU and get it done! :p
    Then you'll wonder why you didn't get it done years ago, ya big sook! :p
  10. I know exactly how good DY is. I've worked in that hospital for over 6 years.

    I had my shoulder done 2 years ago and I wouldn't even wish that kind of pain on Vaughn Coburn.........well, maybe just a little bit :rofl:
  11. Ha, no wonder you're blacknblue, Ell...calling Vic an idjit, wuss AND a sook all in one thread! :wink:

    bambam - hope everything went well and best wishes for a happy ending :)
  12. :shock:

    And you're still procrastinationg about getting your foot done??

    And how's the shoulder now? :wink:
    Mine's 100% better than it ever was! SO worth the initial inconvenience :grin:
  13. Meh!
    The bigger they are, the softer the center :p
    And, ummm, the older I get, the cheekier :roll: :p

    +1 :grin:
  14. Thanks for the advice and the well wishes guys.

    Went to the specialist yesterday. Apparently they didnt get enough cells to make an accurate diagnosis. This is AFTER they made me wait around 45 minutes so as they could check that they did.

    Anyways, the specialist is pretty concerned that it is cancerous (looking at the ultrasounds) and now i have to get another FNA done! Either way, theyre operating on me. Whether they take half my thyroid or the whole lot depends on the results of the FNA.

    Fun times!! :LOL:
  15. Yeah, I'm a casual, so no work = no play money.

    The shoulder is at 80% and that's where it looks like remaining at :(

    I don't have the strength like I used to and any physical work on the shoulder causes me a week's worth of pain.

    As long as I change at 99 I should be right :p

    Bambam, sorry to hear about teh diagnosis. Hope they fix it in one go for you.

    All the best.
  16. I would.. & more! [​IMG]



    Keep us posted Bambam. Your neck was huge last time I saw you.
  17. damn i thought this was going to be about what you want to do with your life

    sorry to hear, hope it turns out ok - keep us posted!