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Anyone got vacuum gauges I can borrow?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. As above... Looking to arrange a vacuum gauges for beer swap somewhere around Melbourne. Extra points and classier beer if you feel like showing us how to use 'em. :D Bikes are both inline fours, if that matters!

  2. Yes, I'm aware of this. But how often do you need to balance carbies? I know, I know, I own a Kawasaki.

    I'm counting on the fact that there's locals around who have taken your approach, bought the tools, have them sitting sadly and thanklessly in the shed, and might be excited about an opportunity to parlay ownership of such tools into beer and a few laughs.

    Stranger things have happened!
  3. Sorry havent got an answer to your question but would you like to explain why this thread is tagged with "designer drugs" and "naked women" ? LOL

    New forum glitches or what?
  4. It's either a glitch or user error.
  5. No the tags are related to the original poster. I would say about spot on for Loz. ;)
  6. [​IMG]

    I thought in the Spirit of Minja, coolant overflow containers made from beer bottles and air compressor farts you'd make one.

    Works even better with paisley carpet on garage floor.
  7. I very highly doubt I'm going to find the motivation to make one mate. I've got air farts to be doing, don'tcha know?
  8. Well mines there for the borrowing iffen you feel like a ride to Sunbury.
  9. Mine's two spag bol jars with some tubing between them, your welcome to borrow them, but you need to supply your own coloured water!
  10. I've got a carb sync tool that you can borrow, but I believe I'm on the otherside of town? It's not a carb tune as such, but something you can stick in the throat of a carbie (with airbox removed) and quickly check the air velocity going in.

    Not being a beer drinker, you don't need to shout me a slab :)
  11. I've got some at work Loz.
    If you like, you are welcome to come and use them one evening or saturday arvo, we can have the entire workshop to ourselves, I'm sure Rog will come and show you how to use them.
  12. Make one ya lazy poof...Or ask Bamm-Bamm for his :birthday:
  13. Since Mekros is not a beer drinker, you can pass his slab on to me.
  14. Just did the carbs on the H6 yesterday mate. Borrowed equip from the bike shop 3 doors down. If it belonged to me you'd be more than welcome to it Loz..
    Dunno if he'd let us borrow it, but if you are able to return it EARLY monday morning, I'll ask him for you.
  15. so have you done this stuff yet Loz?