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Anyone got thoughts on the 2005 GPX250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bcg, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    New rider looking for a new bike.



    The list price (minus ORC) seems to be only $5990. This seems pretty cheap for a GPX. Has anyone seen one of these and can comment? Anyone played with an 2004 model?

    Kawasaki's webpage sucks. No info on colours, availabilty, release date, only one crappy picture, etc.

    I was considering a VTR250, but the GPX250 seems to be comparable and at least $2000 cheaper.

    I would ask these questions at my local dealer (north tasmania) but they're all bloody hopeless. Its such a captive market down here, they can get away with one word answers and generally not giving a toss... whinge whinge whinge

  2. the GPX is basically unchanged since 89, and apparently VERY similar to the earlier GPZ. save your pennies and get something older, there really is no merit in buying a brand spankin new 250 :wink:

    oh yeah, great bike too :D if you fit on it then i dont think there is a better value for money learner bike. its got enuff balls to keep you happy but is also VERY user friendly and reliable. good choice
  3. yeah the GPX is a rather underestimated bike, handling wise not much can out do it although power wise its not the greatest. But having said that i've seen many of the 03 and 04 models hitting 190-200kph and maintaining it quite well aswell as many others here can verify they have the ability to haras the bigger bikes through the twisties.
    GPX is a good 250
  4. Ditto.

    The GPX was my first bike and i have nothing but praise for it. If you get a new one it will be hastle free and you wont be disappointed. I put over 30,000km on the one i had ('99 model, sold it with 63,000km on the clock) with no major problems. Very economical bike too. I found through the twisties I could keep up with my mates on a fireblade and a laverda 668 no worries but they left me for dead on the straights.

    Great bike, good choice.
  5. Great. Thanks for the feedback.

    I was originally looking at a VTR250, but noticed the huge disparity in pricing between it and the GPX.

    A motorcycle shop in hobart quoted the ride away pice on a VTR as $8800 whilst the GPX list price is $5990 with a ride away around the $6990 mark. Whilst I see the VTR as more suitable for a learner (less stuff to scratch if it gets dropped by the learner girlfriend), the $2k price difference now is swinging heavily in the GPX's favour.

    Apparently, the prices have dropped substantially only this year. Would be mightly pissed off if I bought one 6 months ago.

    Normally I would buy a secondhand bike, but the 2nd hand market down here is rediculous. 2 / 3 year old bikes sell for a whisker under the new list price - even old shitboxes (think 70's CBs) sell for thousands rather than the hundreds the same units went for in the early 90's back when I last had bikes.

    Only been in Tassie 2 years - still getting used to the limited choices when it comes to major purchases :)
  6. try getting one shipped over, i would think you shouldn't have to fork out more than $3k for a decent GPX and it'll only be a few hundred to get it shipped. its just my opinion, but i just cant see the point in spending like that on a bike that you know you'll only have for a little over a year. if you buy second hand, theres even a good chance that you'll get the same money for it as you bought it for, i've done that with 3 250s now.....

    alot of ppls think that a naked bike is going to cost you less to fix in small drops. it might ring fairly true in alot of cases, but i reckon it'd cost you more to get a dented/scratched fram/tank fixed than a piece of plastic. we found that the GPX stacks really well too, if you dont mind scratched exhausts and bars you're only gunna have to fix a small amount of faring cracks. malissa dropped hers 5 times with VERY minimal damage.

    only thing i can really pick on the GPX is that they dont have much of a top end, and i doubt you could possibly get rid of the chicken strips, the thing just wont lean over that far without scraping. VERY capable bike otherwise and a top choice for someone just learning how to ride....
  7. Fortunately, I'm a hypocrite, so the seconds market sucks for me now when buying, but there will be no complaints in 2 years time when its time to sell.

    Spanking new GPX for $5990 - sell in two years for $4599.

    $1.90 a day is cheap motorcycling with a full warranty :)

    I'm still torn between it and the VTR though...
  8. I have one and I got it for $6400 on road. They only come in the Black/Silver and green that's on the Kawa web site.

    For me the bike suits my requirements which is commuting and the occasional weekend ride but I have only ridden 2 bikes, mine and the CB250 I did my L's on.

    The only problem I have had with it was an occasional stalling problem when she stopped at lights which was because they don't like Premium ULP.
  9. The VTR is a much better bike. Better brakes, suspension and more HP. It'll keep you entertained a fair bit longer than a GPX. Also better built and will retain value better.

    However I agree with coconuts, save the dough, buy a shitter and upgrade with saved pennies in a year or so.
  10. I have to disagree with the buy a second hand one comments when it comes to the GPX250, in the case of most 250's it isn't good value buying a new bike.

    But there are a few exceptions to this rule, and a well looked after GPX250 is one of them.

    You will notice this tendency when you look at second hand prices for bikes that haven't altered much over a long period of time and that do the job they are designed for pretty well, and are priced well new.

    Other examples of a good retained percentage of new value are the TRX850 the GSX750F and a few others.

    These all have similar attributes... bang for bucks.

    You can buy a new GPX250 for about $6500 on road if you bargain, and they will sell for about $3500 to $4000 if looked after and sold after 3 years or so.

    A depreciation around those amounts is bugger all over 3 years, and running the risk of problems with 2nd hand bikes could leave you facing a repair bill of almost that amount.

    And you miss out on that new bike feeling :)

    As for the VTR being a better bike... yah it is, but the difference isn't _that_ great.

    A good rider on either will beat an average rider on the other one.

    I do not agree with the VTR having better retained value... not % wise, and not in dollars depreciated. Sure it'll fetch more money at the end of 3 years, but that isn't the same thing.

    As for entertainment, that's very subjective. The VTR gives that naked bike feeling, but the GPX offers better protection from the weather and a better fuel range.

    As for saving the dough and buying a shitter, sure that's an option, but at $4k you aren't doing either... if you take that path then go and spend $2k on a ratty GPX, not $4k on a clean one.

    If you spend $4k on a clean second hand GPX then after 3 years you'll only get about $2K and you'll have lost nearly has much money as buying a new one (and a higher percentage of value, which is a better indicator).

    YMMV (but I'll argue with you about it anyway ;-)
  11. while the depreciation thing is still probably better than ALOT of other bikes out there, i dont know anyone thats lost big money on a 2nd hand 250. like i said above, i've sold 3 bikes for close to the same as they were bought for after putting up to 8000 ks on them. fact is, the only time you get big value drops is when you do some real damage to them, buying a brand new bike isn't gunna help that any if you run it into a tree or something.

    i STRONGLY suggest buying a second hand bike for a first bike, the chances of doing some damage are greatly increased and no amount of warranty is going to help that. also, the fact that theres only a few 250s out there that were designed as recently as the mid 90s really makes me wonder why anyone bothers :? the GPX has only had a couple of very minor cosmetic changes since it was first brought out....

    in the end, i spose its up to the individual, and i dont have a problem with ppls buying new bikes (someone has to i spose :LOL: ), its just that technology that dated seems like a complete waste to buy new. you can pick up a decent 2nd hand GPX for less than $3k over here and if you get through the restrictions unscathed and maintain the thing, you'll most likely sell it for the same again, its just the way the market works.
  12. I don't have an issue with someone buying a GPX for less than $3K, it's just that I don't see the point of buying a second hand one for $4500.

    And 8000 kms isn't much milage... a friend of mine at work bought a new GPX250 (a red/blue one), got it at $5990 ride away (good deal)...

    He put 35,000kms on it in 3 years commuting and sold it for $4000 after 3 years.

    He hasn't replaced it with anything yet, still looking.

    If you are only intending to put 8 or 10 thousand kms on a bike then get rid of it, the I agree new makes little sense.
  13. All good points. Thanks very much.

    I pretty much agree with the idea that I'm likely to lose a couple of grand in keeping the bike for a few years, where the choice is to lose 2k (or a bit under) from 4250 or 2 and a bit from the 5990 (not taking rego into account). As its to be used as a bit of a commuter (mostly around Launceston - so "city" work only really), and more importantly a safe learning bike for the GF, a newer one is probably the best option. A ratty one for 2 - 2.5 would be ok for me - but I'd prefer the girlfriend on something that is 100% brake and suspension wise.

    I've had a bit of a look in the 2nd market (as mentioned before - pretty much everything is a grand dearer than nsw) and pretty much everything, even the bikes for decent cash, have had a few little things wrong with them e.g. fuel tap and headlight switch on a recent one, etc. A few problems like that, plus a tyre and chain/sprockets say on a secondhand bike will quickly get real close the the new one at $5990.

    I'm yet to look at the GPX in the flesh. Apparently theres a couple coming next week to a shop in devonport. But I have seen the VTR and I can see that it is of pretty decent quality. But what I'll be looking for with the GPX vs the VTR when I've seen both is whether there is 2k's more value in the VTR over it. Given the weather down here, a full fairing bike might be the better option over a naked one. Even though I do prefer the VTR's styling...

    It would be good to get one for $6500, but down here its not going to happen - there's only 3 Kawa dealers who I'm sure realise that I'm hamstrung if I try to bring a new one over myself cost wise (I might get it 300 cheaper but will pay 300 getting it here). I'll be most likely getting the price down via options (rack and bag, cover, etc) getting chucked in. Be stuffed if I'm paying full price :)

    Thanks again.
  14. What about the endro bikes???

    I have just purchased a Kawka KLX 250, I looked around for months sitting on loads of bikes and found that for us tall guys (6 ft 4)250s are just not compatable.

    You maywant to have a look at the various Road/Trails out there at least they are a resonable height off the ground

    Dave B
  15. Im wondering why the GPX has come down $1500 in price, is it just kawasaki trying to become competative in the low price 250 market, or is there a new model comming out next year? Or maybe even the gpx is getting canned?

    I know when i asked the local dealer how long the $5990+orc offer is going to last he said "until we run out of them"
  16. Save yourself some money and buy a good reliable used bike, Twin cylinder 250's are the way to go, maybe not as fast as the 4 potters but how fast do you want to go on a 250. The saving is in engine maintenance costs, twins are just that much cheaper to service. The GPX is a good bike but dated, you have a good range in the low cruiser style if thats your bag, or look to the Honda VTR or Kawasaki ZZR, both very forgiving, both reliable, both fun to ride, and both still look like a modern bikes. From experience, (as I happen to have one) you can pick up a bloody good ZZR for around $4000, and if kept in good nick, you will get your money back in 12 -15 months went you are ready to upgrade.

    That will leave you a couple of grand to buy all the riding gear you will need, and believe me, it's adds up real quick. Helmet $400, winter jacket $300, boots $200, gloves $45, pants $200 = $1545 and shit we haven't even talked insurance for a new rider yet..

    Only my opinion, but hey, that's what you asked for.