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Anyone got the stoppie kiss pic??

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by blackjacket, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Just looking around for it... can only find dead links.

  2. Oh I had the one with the girl in jeans in my mind, but that'll do ^_^. Mucho gracias!
  3. Yeap ..she would stop traffic. :LOL:
  4. Or there's this one
    or this one
  5. Second one's Christian Pffiefer, isn't it?
  6. I believe your right Hornett .........

  7. That's gold :grin:
  8. Im so gonna have to try one of those
  9. I pull a stoppie for that chick in the mini-skirt too!
  10. Even if she, like the girl in the pic, was 10 feet tall???

    {psst, PhotoShop....}
  11. I don't think the first picture is photoshopped. How do you figure? There's no smudging around their heads in the sky, and the shadow looks spot on!
  12. And every bike in the world has oval wheels, yeah, that'll do it :roll:.
  13. she is WAAAAAAAY to skinny !
  14. Are we looking at the same picture? The enlarged version of the very first picture shows a bike with round wheels. Logically, the rider's head is directly above the handlebars, the handle bars on most bikes like that are at waist height, then his head is a slightly bent arm's length above the handle bars (as most people's heads are a slightly bent arm's above their waists). Thus I figure a kiss from a tall girl whilst doing a stoppie should work fine? The other 2 pictures in this thread illustrate the point further.

    ...Don't :roll: your eyes at me! :LOL:
  15. [​IMG]

    wow! lotsa peeps in here are quick to call BS.

    i have on good authority that this pic is real. it was done at the ol' naval base in alameda, ca. some may know of this place from the mythbuster's exploits.

    the gal is the ex of the rider.


  16. :roll: and she's STILL ten feet tall {am I talking to myself here :?}
  17. That is Darius Khashabi, he doesn't need to fake anything.
    The girl looks tall, plus she has very high heels on. They probably needed someone around this height to pull it off.
    It's a great pic, one of my favs.
  18. No but I'm pretty sure everyone else thinks she looks normal height. Check the wheelbase of the bike in relation to her... know any bikes with a 3 metre wheel base?

    Looks perfectly fine and clearly not photoshopped IMO.
  19. darius is the man... no faking stuff

    but its funny that the special k pic was on a blog called hot chicks with douche bags