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Anyone got the special tools to adjust the valves?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dimi, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Need a "Rocker Shaft Turning Wrench" and a "Tappet Adjuster Wrench".

    Willing to put a deposit to borrow them, or if someone could tell me where I can find these tools I'll head over when i can and buy them as I'll prob need them down the track anyway.

    Speaking of which, do most bikes or all bikes use these same tools?
  2. Most bikes use special tools, some can be used on other bikes, most not. You haven't said what sort of bike you have.
  3. 2000 Suzuki Bandit GSF250V, sorry bout missing that info! My next bike is going to be a Suzuki so hopefully they all share the same tools :)
  4. Yours requires a very special suzuki tool due to it having variable valve timing.
  5. I like to see a diagram of the setup. Most special tool application can be overcome.
  6. Are you sure the clearances actually need adjusting rather than just checking? Checking generally only needs a set of feeler gauges (a few bucks from Repco or Supercrap and a useful thing to have). In my experience, most modern bikes don't need touching much after initial run-in, and sometimes not even then, so you've a fair chance of not needing the special tools.
  7. Well just from rough estimates by using the "turn the wheel" method to get the engine in the right position we found all clearances to be too tight by a decent amount (roughly half the minimum recommended!).

    Does an 06-07 GSXR750 use the same tools? :p

    Heres a snip of the service procedure manual for the valves for those interested
  8. Nope; the K6 doesn't require any special tools to change the valve clearances. However, to do it you have to take the camshafts off and replace shims on the top of the valves. To check all the clearances you can just turn the engine over with a normal socket.
  9. Thanks Sah! :)
  10. I can't get that to work. It just sends me in circles.
  11. DO: type the letters in the top left. wait 45 seconds. Download link appears. click.
    DONT: click the "download link" in top left after typing the four letters.
  12. Even after putting the code into the top RIGHT and downloading the file I can't really tell from those pictures.

    One just looks like a ring spanner, the other looks like something to turn the rocker arm assembly. I'd be suprised if this couldn't be made up with a bit of pipe and an angle grinder.
  13. I was looking at the screen from behind. 8-[
  14. Got a bandit250V, still need to prep it to sell it though. :(

    Couldn't find the Suzuki Semi-genuine special tools, so you'll need a vernier caliper to check my figures.

    For the camshaft-turning-key-thingey

    M5 bolt with a reach of around 100-150 so you are clear of the frame. take a piece of your favourite 4-odd mil thick offcut and make a 45 degree cut across one of the corners so you have a 45* triangle (straight edges should be about 15 mil.) Mount in your trusty vise, and hand-file one of the corners so it maks a /_| shape. Insert the bolt into the hole provided and ensure the flake fits smoothly into the groove on the cam (without digging a hole in the block).

    Now, take the filed end, mate it up to the bolt 20mm from the end, and using a vice or someone elses hands, weld the flake to the bolt.

    For the Variable Valve adjustment tool - Get a M14X20 bolt and grind a notch across the middle until it meets suzuki dimensions.
  15. Hmmm interesting. Thanks for that rs101
  16. The Bandit 250 with variable valve timing has a 27 page procedure for valve adjustment in the manual. Have you checked the clearences? Do they need adjusting?
  17. Yes they need adjusting as the clearances are about half the minimum recommended at the moment. Not to mention the fact that now that I've got it off and open I may as well fix up these things.