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Anyone got service specs for a GPX600 ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Hotcam, May 8, 2008.

  1. A mate just bought a GPX600. He'd like to make it handle so
    needs to know how much air to put in the forks and shock.
    I couldn't find it with google.
    Does anyone know?
    Also if you know, the fork oil measurement and
    the valve adjustment spec would be very handy.

  2. Don't have air pressure fo forks but I do have:-

    Fork oil 10W/20
    LH Fork 311cm3
    RH Fork 356cm3


    Valves (to be checked cold)
    Inlets 0.13-0.18mm
    Exhausts 0.18-0.23mm

    NGK DR8ES (0.6-0.7mm)
    DENSO X27ESR-U (0.6-0.7mm)

    Idle speed 1050+/-50RPM
    Ignition Advance 32degs/10000RPM

    Oil 10W/40 (3litres with filter change)

    Chain type ENUMA EK50MV, 102 Links, 35-40mm free play
    Front Sprocket 15
    Rear Sprocket 39

    Front Tyre 110/80 V16, pressure 32psi
    Rear Tyre 130/90V16, pressure 36psi

    Hope it helps
  3. Excellent! Thanks ozzy. That'll make him really happy.
    (He's a mechanic but doesn't have any specs to set it up to).
    You don't by any chance know how much air pressure
    to put in the rear shock?

    I found the forks should be 8-10psi.
  4. pressure?
    should be max 12psi

    and DONT use a servos air hose
    use a pushie or bike hand pump