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Anyone got issue 184 of Motorcycle Trader?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. Just reading the current issue (185) and they mention an ad on page 163 of the last issue for Les Penna Motocycles which had a number of classic Yamahas for sale with 0kms. Just wondering if someone has a copy they can have a look at and let me know if:
    1. It's the Les Penna Motorcycles in Bendigo and
    2. How much they're asking for the SRX600 :).

  2. give them a email jd, or if you want i can get my dad go in and have a look for you :grin:
  3. Didn't realise they had an email address, might send 'em a message then. Don't mind riding to Bendigo to have a look just want to make sure it's not a wasted trip (ie the bike is actually there and not ridiculously overpriced).
  4. i'f your making the trip.... call past Kyneton and i'll ride with ya.

    and yeah i htink i have the issue you want
  5. Well I just sent them an email but if you've got a copy of the mag Drew and can let me know the price that'd be great. And yeah I'll definately let you know if I'm heading up that way - as long as you promise not to try and outbid me for it :LOL:.
  6. i'll check the mag collection tonight and pm you some details

    i may be tempted if i had the money...but the Spada is plenty good for now.....
  7. I got a copy. They have

    1) Yamaha Rz500n, 1986, sezo km, $15000
    2) SRX600, 1986 silver, 0 km $10000
    3) Xs500 1976, green, 0km $10000
    4) Srv250, 1997, silver. $7000

    hope it helps