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Anyone got experience with probation officers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hey crew,

    So I've managed to get myself into some shit and now have to report to a probationary officer periodically for some time.

    I'm no criminal. So not only is it mildly humiliating, it's really not where I belong. I'm just after anyone's experience or (professional) opinion on them and dealing with them.

    I wouldn't normally care so much, only that I had an overseas trip planned and now it may be in jeopardy if I get some ******** guy who thinks I'm a flight risk and will go overseas and murder all the children in a 1000km radius around the airport that I arrive at.

    I had planned to leave end of this month (may 28th).

    Specifically, if anyone has had a similar issue, have you gone overseas (despite being told not to) then come back when necessary?

    Any input/help/ideas would be greatly appreciated

    p.s: I don't want to hear about how I did the crime now must do the time, I've suffered enough for something i did in the heat of a moment of which nothing actually happened so if you could keep your preaching and sanctimonious comments to yourself, I would be much obliged.
  2. ....................
  3. Do you have a Solicitor? If so, I believe there is a process that you can undertake in order to be cleared for a trip. Depending on the crime and your overall profile they can assess you from a risk point of view and treat you accordingly.

    I was caught driving whilst suspending a few years ago and I was served with a CBO (Community Based Order). This involved me reporting to a PO 2 times a week. Like you I am not a criminal and therefor was not treated like one. My order lasted about 4 months. In that time I was able to get clearance to travel interstate for 7 days. I got that by negotiating with my officer.

    Bear in mind though, some of these people are intelligent and reasonable and some a just 22 year old morons who don't know who their father is. Really luck of the draw.
    It doesn't help that they deal with hardened criminals who challenge them and lie to them everyday.

    Hope it helps, good luck.
  4. Thanks for that highly helpful response,

    I am seeing my legal team (go TEAM!) on Wednesday regarding appealing the charge, i will raise the issue then. When i was on trial we brought up this trip as a reason to not record a conviction - it has been planned since i was 12, i was to live, work, and study in Italy with a family friend of ours who does something there. So if there is indeed a procedure where i can get approval, i think i would be eligible for it...

    I got my first taste of being treated like a criminal when i went to the City office to make my initial report. I was told (by the magistrate) to report to the city office. I get there, the guy says "you are meant to go to the Newtown office". I say "the magistrate told me to come here". He says no, she's wrong. I then show him my license, after telling him where i live (neutral bay) and my license says kurraba point (some wanky suburb change, all very annoying) and he looks at me and goes "Are you being straight with me?"

    I was like "omg wtf lol? y wuld i b jks bout dis?" Like i'm going to lie about where i live so i don't have to go to a different office.

    Anyway they sent me off the friggin dee why now, cause that's so convenient.

    How did you find your experience? What do they do? I'm fairly clueless.
  5. My experience was a little frustrating at first. Of the 2 types that I described earlier I got the latter. At that time in my life I had completed uni, worked in a bank, owned and operated several businesses. I had just sold up and here I was having to answer to a 22 year old who probably couldn't operate a microwave.

    They get to know you, a relationship builds and I guess my one became comfortable with who I was and why I was there. From a risk point of view, I really didn't pose one.

    Most important thing is that they see x amount of crims everyday, all of them claiming innocence etc. To this person you are just one of them. So you do have to work pretty hard to win them over, you are starting a relationship from well behind. Almost similar to dealing with a disgruntled customer who has had a bad experience before speaking to you.

    They ask you the following questions at your interview:

    How are you going?
    How are things at home?
    What are the difficulties you are facing as a result of not being able to drive?
    How are you overcoming these challenges?
    What have you learned from this experience?
    Have you re offended since the last time we met?
    Do you foresee any reason why you might re offend?

    You know, just dumb things like that. By they way, my record was not great. I am not a criminal, but I was a serial offender of "Drive whilst suspended".
  6. That's my biggest fear. I get some guy, who sees this young buck coming in (most likely dressed in a white leather motorbike jacket carrying a helmet) and just writes me off instantly. I suppose i just have to wait for the call. It's been over a week since I made my initial report and not a word.

    I've worked in customer service my whole life so hopefully I'll be alright with this guy... :D Do they ask those questions every time? I find it hard enough to answer them to my parents.

    Just to clarify, you had to stay in the state and could only leave with permission yeah? What other restrictions were placed on you? I am finding it very hard to find anything on the web and really appreciate your help as someone who has actually been there.
  7. To be honest with you I don't remember what the restrictions etc were. All I knew was that I was booked in to go interstate for 7 days and I was required to do one sign in and one interview per week. So contact with the corrections office Monday and Thursday. Obviously impossible if I am gone for 7 days. Best case is I will miss at least one of them. So I explained my predicament and asked politely for permission and permission was granted.

    Once again I strongly suggest seeking legal advice as I am not a solicitor and we are in different states. I am in Vic.
  8. Granted, but it's all still been very helpful. Everything else on the web is in the states, so advice from an Australian is great.

    Thanks a ton for all your help!
  9. No problem mate. Good luck with it all, let us know how you go.
  10. ad91on, it's story time.
  11. I'm actually quite the writer and am in the process of turning my whole saga into a final story version.

    so far it's up to 7500 words. So umm if you're willing to read it, i'll post it when it's done (couple of weeks)
  12. He's lying. Clearly he is a criminal and not to be trusted. He plans to flee the country before ever submitting said essay. :)
  13. Dot points are fine, ad91on.
  14. Damn you insistent people!
    VTRAffair is right, i will flee to a country without internet before i can post ha-ha!

    Dot points it is, then. And promise you won't laugh.

    - moved out with best mate from high school. We had been good mates for 3 years, and went on a road trip around australia together and the what not. Seemed like a decent enough guy.

    - All was well for a month or so, until he decided to bring in this new girlfriend he had. He stopped doing his bit around the house and she had basically moved in as a full-time resident without any discussion or consent from myself. The place was constantly filthy all the time, and they would only ever sit around and watch TV - all in their own filth.

    - i attempted to reconcile the issue with his mum, who tried but i never saw any result.

    - any attempts to reconcile with him ended poorly. I at one stage sat them both down, said that i wasn't happy, that they needed to do more around the house and that i hadn't agreed to live with two other people. I also proposed a change in rent to reflect the circumstances. They took it as a personal attack. Nothing ever changed, although it sewed the seeds of things to come (constant struggles to try and come to a mature conclusion with someone who was essentially still a child).

    - One night, i got home and we had an argument. Things got out of hand; we had a physical fight and his girlfriend called the police. I was intent on sorting things out - not physically - and challenged him further after the fight. He would not leave his room, and in between i had gotten a knife and put it in my pocket to use as leverage in case he became violent again (he had started the fight). So i pulled it from my pocket and used it to open the door and stupidly entered the room with the knife still in my hand. I was challenging him to come out of his room without his girlfriend and sort this shit out. Eventually, i was going to leave, he spat at me and i flipped a switch and threw him to his bed and pinned him down with the knife. I held him there for about 30 seconds, then got up and let. I went to have a shower afterwards (i just wanted to go to bed) and next thing i know i'm being arrested.

    - I didn't think it was a big deal, just another domestic that got out of hand, you know. So i recorded an interview, confessed everything as i remembered it and thought i'd be dismissed without charge. Apparently not. I was charged with common assault and armed with intent to commit an indictable offense (which carries max jail time of 7 years) and went to court over it obviously. I got served with a Section 9 good behavior bond for 18 months.

    There's a lot more to it than that, obviously. But that's the gist of it.
  15. Wow. Sad that it got that far.
  16. Dude you forgot the bit when you burst into the room with the knife, and your mate says..... That's not a knife.... :D
  17. **** it helps to read other peoples experience with the law!
  18. Have you got issues of your own?
  19. Uhm.. yep, its sort of along the lines you stated (but not the same offence)
    Im yet to go before the judge though.. hoping for a sec.10
  20. Magistrate or judge? judge is a whole different thing, much more important and what not.

    If there is anything i can help with, PM me.