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Anyone got any jobs??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Moyston, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Well last day at work today, i work in construction as an estimator for a residential builder, and we have our morning tea , then they provide lunch, chicken and beer, then hand out Kris kringle, and then few beers...having a laugf, then get called in and hoping there handing out bonuses!!!.

    Nup, ummm " sorry dave, due to us not selling any houses to the predictions that we would have liked, unfortunately, we have to force retrenchment and put you off!...oh sorry about that, and dont forget to pick up 1 weeks pay!..your fkn kiddin me!!!!!!!

    So xmas upon us, great time, and here i am looking for another job to start. Great timing, and so many jobs available at the start of a new year...

    so pretty down...u put all in for them, stay back, work more, help out etc, and they say, thanks but no thnks.

    So at this stage, just looking to see if there is anything out there? and ill hit the "seek " tomorrow! ](*,)


  2. Moyston, really sorry to hear about what's happened - that's shocking news at any time ... even more so at this time of the year!

    I'll keep my ear to the ground. Hope something comes up for you very quickly.

  3. That's ****ed Moyston, sorry to hear it.
    Good hunting...
  4. they could have waited another 2 or 3 f*cking weeks! that's crud, dude.

    unfortunately, nothing i can do to help, but will put the word out tomorrow for you on my facebook.
  5. That sucks.....
  6. Good luck with it Moyston. I hope you find something quickly.
  7. Just read your post Moyston - sorry to hear of your news :(
    Chin up dude. Enjoy your time off over the Festive Season, THEN fire off some resumes/phonecalls.
    Here's to new beginnings for you mate - best of luck (y)
  8. That's rather a biatch. Sorry to hear Moyston and good luck with your search.

    Hate to say it, but employers usually don't give a rats about their employees...all they care about is the profit they make. Sucks being at the bottom of the tree.
  9. yer well onwards and upwards...not the best time as most places are closed for few weeks.....cheers guys...still enuf money for petrol thou!...thats a good thing!
  10. Good luck mate. Cant cook can ya?
  11. OK couple of questions:

    How long have you been working there?

    Were you a permanent employee?
  12. Sorry dude. As a contractor, I get these douches who doesnt give you any notice all the time. Its hard not being able to prepare for the move and save up some extra money in reserve.
  13. there diks mate youl come back biger and better in the new year dont let it spoil xmas too much
  14. Wow!!.. that sucks BIG time!! :?.... wishing you happy hunting for a new job!...
  15. It's the time of year that a lot of that sort of crap happens. Commiserations. It seems these days that going the extra for the man is no longer worthwhile unless you are the man. Loyalty and honor is a one way street to most of these pricks. For those that have a boss that lives in the world as we see it, thank the gods as you are now a select few.

    Seasons best wishes and prayers for your prosperity and a brighter 2011.
  16. Sucks dogs balls big time.
    Could you not estimate how hard you could have punched the knob on the nose who let you go over the christmas break.
    Fukin grinches go home to their own families knowing they still have an income.
  17. F loyalty and honor when it comes to work. Loyalty and honor only gets given to bosses whose done right by me, they have to earn it. I learnt this long ago. Maybe its time to start thinking the same way. Hopefully everything works out this coming year.
  18. That is a dogs act and a half.
    On one of the happiest days they break a news like this to you. At least they should have done it before or after christmas and not on a happy work break up day like this.
  19. Moyston,
    The more I think about your situation the more it raises the odd eye brow or two...
    I'm sure you have more important (other) issues to concentrate on, being Christmas etc but came across this link you may be interested in - Fair Work Act Australia - Ombudsman

    Fifth Tab from the left (top) 'Termination' has some very interesting topics eg notice required etc.

    If they have indeed acted wrongly (in a legal sense) - we sympathise with you and think they're a pack of a***holes - then perhaps you could give them a little 'Kinder Surprise' of their own ?

    Best of luck mate & chin up (y)