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Anyone got an OSX Leopard install disc I can borrow?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. ...I can't find mine for quids, and I want to install boot camp. I'm in Pascoe Vale.

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  3. I think that update just works once you've alrfeady installed all the windows mac drivers.
  4. How desperately do you need it?
    I can lend you my backup copy
    pm me with your mailing addy and I'll send it off to you monday.
  5. Cheers for that - I'm torrenting a package that might do the trick, I'll drop you a PM if no luck.
  6. Loz, Leopard is the latest? If so, I've got mine handy. I'm at work Monday, but more than happy to lend to you for a few days (we can meet up and rendezvous, all clandestine like).
  7. Something like.....

    (in black and white TV, of course.....)
    Two men meet in a shady lane. The cobbled-stoned roadway is wet from a recent shower. The air is full of water vapour and just behind the two men is a vent in the road.

    There are tall buildings either side of the lane, there is a large dumpster in the background beyond the vent. A dog barks out in the distance, just audible over the din of the surrounding streets.

    "So, how about that weather, then?" asks Loz.

    "Cut the small talk, Jack". Quips Cejay. "I'm not hear to discuss your roast lunch... Which I bet was lamb with rosemary. A generous side serve of roast potatoes, roast pumpkin and some steamed vegetables. The meat lightly covered with a full-bodied gravy. - Mental note, must stop by Ginger's house, she's always got a roast happening on a Sunday."

    "Right, then. Have you got "the goods""? Asks Loz. Determined not to let Cejay put a downer on the evening.

    "Have you got the money?" Sneers Cejay.

    Loz shows Cejay the money. It is in a black leather briefcase. Cejay reveales a sealed envelope from an inside jacket pocket. The deal is initiated.

    A single gun shot rings out.

    Cejay bends over Loz as he falls to the ground, desperately trying to hold onto the case and his money.

    "Damn you." Whispers Loz.
    A slight gurgling is heard as the man dies. Lying on his side on the cold, hard, blue stoned side street.

    Cejay walks from the laneway back into the mainstream street, rejoining everyone else on their way home from the late-night matinee - as if he had never been down that lane, ever in his life - despite him having been there on many previous occassions, as if he had no idea that there there ever was a man named, Loz.

    Dealing out HIS justice to those that try and pirate commercial software. Regardless of their ongoing pleas of;
    "But I just can't find my copy - honest!
  8. :shock:

    Actually, Cejay, I'll pass thanks!
  9. Well, if death is the price, so be it :)
  10. Sorrite Loz, I'll just slice you with my copy if you like.
  11. Hmmmmmm....

    I am getting the sense of an old James Bond movie with Odd Job.
    A silent movie perhaps - he doesn't say a lot afterall.