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Anyone got a spare few mil?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rc36, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. A few mil? Tell 'im he's dreamin'... (in this economic climate)
  2. I actually have no idea how much they will sell for, but I can't imagine that it won't be the wrong side of a million at least. There probably wouldn't be two bikes with more of a heritage on the market today, I'd reckon.
  3. Freddie must have fallen on hard times to be flogging off his bikes? What makes these bikes even more rare is the fact that these bikes came from an era when the Jap manufactures were crushing race bikes at the end of a season so no one could get there hands on them.
  4. Exactly. Word is that his race school has gone belly up, his staff have had to be laid off and, as well, he's going through a very messy divorce. Such a shame, he was one of the truly greats.
  5. They would be great to have. I wonder if they run.
  6. The 500 is his 83 Bike. I want it
  7. Possably not! When I worked at Suzuki and Honda if ex GP bikes came through from the previous season for display at Phillip Island they would be stripped of all electronics. ECU's or any other black box would be all gone. Unless Fredie had some one from HRC supply the electronics as part of the deal chances are they dont run.
  8. It is possible to return it to Japan for a full restoration. Gardner did it recently, with his title winning bike.
  9. I'd imagine that, with the clout that Spencer has with Honda, the bikes would be complete and functional. Spencer got them their first 500cc title for over 20 years and did the "double" in 1985. If he wanted the bikes, they'd have gladly handed them over.
  10. What really happens, is that Riders have a clause in their contract, that the bike becomes theirs, if they win the title. Sometimes even if they don't.
  11. Generally, yes. But Honda has traditionally crushed all their GP bikes except for those that are kept in their own museum.
  12. That hasn't happened for a fair few years now. They keep what they can now. Just as well too.
  13. Any of you guys seen the latest Freds Five Minute Fish Wrapper???

    Kenny Roberts is interviewed, and there is a shot of his personal collection of bikes!!!! Very impressive even has a BSL in there!.

    Also the Barber motorcycle museum website has virtual tours -- there are some $$$$ going round there!
  14. Seen that, ferg. Makes you want to serve adoption papers on them, doesn't it.
  15. Actually I'd be suprised if they went for more than couple of hundred thousand the pair. We get wrapped up in our motorcycle world sometimes, but forget that most of the world don't give a tinkers cuss. Most people in the world wouldn't know who Freddy Spencer was.

    After $100,000 the number of people in the world interested in a bike would drop off rapidly.
  16. Errrrr, you would be shocked at what people will pay. A Britten v-1000 sold recently for 250,000 us bux
  17. OK so maybe a bit more if the right people can afford to buy at the time. Still I'd be genuinely surprised if the went for more than $500,000 for the pair.
  18. There are plenty of rich Collectors in the world.