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Anyone got a PADI dive ticket?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by boo, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. I did a search on Google & came across heaps of random info :?
    Does anyone know the difference btwn an open water ticket & a licence that limits you to certain depths & how that might impact what I can dive on or in?
    Has anyone got their licence & can guide me in the right direction or have advise on where to go & what to keep in mind?
    Do you know any local shops (Outter East melb) or have any lecture notes or books you might loan me to get me started?
    Cheers :dance: boo

  2. Jarrah's a dive instructor, get in touch with her.
  3. I'm PADI International Deep
  4. Got a mate in Thailand at moment, working in Ko Tao who is divemaster, could ask him, also 3 guys at work have up to cave level diving, all with 15 years experience roughly.
  5. Are Advanced Diver. You do have to start at the Open water level.

    Open water divers (the first level) is to a max depth of 30(?) meters, advanced means you know what you are doing :wink: and can dive to 40m (wreck, navigation, deep (40m), etc are touched on in advanced diving). See a dive shop to clarify the rest of the differences.

    Dive master - you've done 100+ dives plus more diving courses - means you can hold someones hand while they are undergoing training, and can lead dives for a shop.
    Dive instructor - dive master + even more lessons and dive time - can instruct potential divers.
    Master Diver - specialist in at least 1 category of diving (time and training required). Specialties include: fresh water, cave, deep, wreck, rescue, etc. . .

    Watch out for Pro-Dive shops most people I've met diving don't like them - they are always trying to sell you something you don't need, especially to beginners

    The main thing, go and find a dive shop and talk to them.
  6. [​IMG]
    "In my day, we did it all with a shnorkel and a pair of flippersh..."

    C'mon, what movie? :grin:
  7. winz0red
  8. Thanks guys that was great, Scummie asked Jarrah & she armed me with all the right questions to ask. Sounds like I'll have yet another expensive hobby to fund! Bring it on!!!