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Anyone got a Nolan N84. Watcha reckon?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gronk62, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. I've been researching helmets for a while and I'm just sick up and fed with my old AGV Ghost. Its full of head skunge that just won't wash out anymore, the visor is stuffed, and the vinyl on the chin strap (which won't stay done up tight) cracked and fell to bits long ago so its time to upgrade.

    The Nolan N84 is the helmet I keep comin' back to look at whenever I'm window shopping.

    Anyone got one? Watcha reckon?
  2. Tap tap tap.....is this thing on.... hmmm... tough crowd!

    So I assume by the deafening silence nobody has one, nobody with one has seen this thread, or its all just too difficult [​IMG]
  3. I'm actually interested in one as well, but every shop I go to says the same thing: "we can order one in for you..." :mad:
  4. Don't bother. I took the train to Melb today and checked out a bunch of Nolan helmets in the Yamaha shop up lizzy street and 5 of 'em has quality control issues like the pop up vents not working, linings not fitted properly, screen gasket not glued into retaining channel and a cuppla other little things, but it was enough to put me off buyin' a Nolan so now I'm savin' a few more $$ to buy either an Arai or Shoei. I checked out a heap of them today and didn't find any with poor build quality and they felt a bit more comfy on my noggin.
  5. I have a Nolan N84 .. and LOVE it .. build quality is excellent .. never had a prob with vents, or any other part .. Would highly recommend one .. and while my mates are changing visors on the side of the road, I fly past with a flick down or up of the built in visor !!
  6. Thumbs up for the N84 here too,

    I was quite prepared to spend much more on another helmet but ended buying the nolan simply because I liked it's fit best.

    The half half visor looks like a gimick but actually works well out on the road.

    Although if I had realised it was a Lexan helmet when I was at the shop I probably wouldn't have bought it.
  7. I've got an N84 but still haven't had a chance to use it :(.

    For me fit-wise it basically came down to a choice between the Nolan or an Rjays (unfortunately no-one seems to stock full-face NEX helmets anymore).

    The fact the Nolan's made in Italy and seems a lot better quality-wise was the main deciding fact for me. Would have preferred a composite shell but the only thing that came close for fit was a Shoei worth almost as much as my bike.
  8. I ended up spendin' a few bucks extra and got an Arai Vector. Excellent build quality, fantastic venting, perfect fit and super comfy after its initial break in. Only thing I don't like about it is the wind noise. Its a bit louder than my old AGV, but seems to be improving as the lining conforms to my head shape. :)
  9. I bought one yesterday - comfort was one factor, visor ventilation another.
    Did a 200k test - up to 140kmh - much quieter than prev helmets (THH and Rjays). Above that - heck they are all noisy.!

    Big ear recesses - lets me use my starcom speakers, or earplugs in comfort.

    ventilation is much better than I am used to.
    The dual visor thing takes some getting used to. When it is up, it whistles a lot. But I dont have to worry about sunglasses now.
    Chin fill in piece works well to reduce noise.
    Vents open and close real easy. vision is good, even in peripheral areas.
    Aerodynamics are good, meaning no sore neck after a few hours, as the helmet doesnt try to lift your head up at higher speeds. Turning the head during corners is not a chore, and doesnt promote whistles like many other helmets.

    I bought from Sharptune in Dandenong, offered appropriate discounts for immediate purchase when asked - helpful and polite.
  10. Nolan N-84

    :grin: hi i don't know if your interested or if you'd be the right size but i just listed a helmet on ebay. please contact me for more info
    regards jo &gary meehan
  11. Cheng's got an N84, she seems to like it. In fact, she wears it every time she rides her motorcycle.

    Best thing about 'em is the sensational anti-fog insert which... just... works.
  12. I have a flip face N-84 at the moment im waiting for the standard one to come in to the shop,

    I love it, its great when the sun comes out you flip down the visor, no more carrying sunnies with me everywhere, its so comfortable too. get one..