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Anyone got a Job they enjoy??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brett5141, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    I know there have been some posts looking for jobs, but I would like to know what everyone does and if they enjoy it.

    I have been involved in retail sales and sales repping and am now working in customer service, I enjoy the repping but am struggling to get anyone to give me a shot (only 24y/o).

    Am keen to look at different occupations which may be suitable, I have some experience in servicing office machinery which I enjoyed so maybe something technical?(prob have to do traineeship of some sort)

    All and any ideas and experiences appreciatted


  2. Brett, call Ricoh, Canon, Danka, etc and see if you can get in on the ground floor with servicing; a lot of the older guys are leaving the industry at the momemt because they can't come to grips with the computer/IT side of copier/printers. Leaves some scope for young blokes.
  3. Thanks Paul,

    Do you know if there is actually a qaulification you can get for this sort of role?


  4. I work as a character artist for a computer games studio. Do I enjoy it? Hell yea! Best thing ever!
  5. As of 07:00 today I am a redundant/un-employed maintenance fitter, after 21.5 years in the one job I am looking foward to a break. :D :D

    The only thing that spoiled the job was the piss poor management, particularly the last 5 years :shock: :(
  6. what ever you do dont get into the transprt industry. have been in truck spares for 16 years and now a management level. and i cn certainly say it aint fun any more..
  7. Know how you feel, Blue12. Been in IT for about 15 years now, have long since lost the love for the job. Hard to get out though, knowing I can earn decent money, and having to start at the bottom in a different industry.

    Nearly worked in traffic management (you know, stop/go lollypop, setting up witches hats, diversions, road blocks, etc.) recently, went a few weeks between contracts so went and got my traffic management ticket via a mates company, but took the safe option when an IT job came up. Still might do some weekend work, $55 per hour on weekends is sorely tempting.
  8. I work in the bike industry. I get free bikes, get paid to go to motorcycle events, meet lots of motorcycles famous faces, get to travel all over Australia and even do the odd bit of world travel. Pays not the best in the world but hey everything has a down side.
  9. I have a great job... I bum around doing nothing and struggle to pay bills on centerlink :shock: great fun and comes highly reccomended!

  10. I want your job. Please. :p
  11. I get paid to take people for joyrides on the back of my Harley.

    It means that I get to ride about 60,000 kms a year. I go down the Great Ocean Road on average 2 times a month. I frequently ride many of Melbourne's best bike roads around the Yarra Valley and Dandenong ranges.

    Yep - its a hard life but some poor sucker has to do it!!

    Want to see what I get up to see www.harleyrides.com.au

    Oh - and I forgot to mention all the young luverlies that we take for rides, as was the case when I arranged a 12 bike ride for a group last night where the average age was 18 to 25....

    PS - But, you can't do it unless your bike has a "taxi type S plate" issued by the Victorian Taxi Directorate and you must have min 5 yrs continuous riding experience. Also, I don't advise trying to start up by yourself - its not that easy.... and it certainly won't make you rich!

    Want to convince your Mum that riding a motorcyle is safe? Send her out with us - we will sort her, or any like her out. They all come back with a completely different attitude after haveing been on a ride with us - believe it or not!
  12. I work in the IT and enjoy what I do. I refuse to take any management roles and do what I'm good at (analyst/programmer). I get to surf the Internet and annoy people with chatting with them online :D
  13. OK - I give up - how can the average age be a range of values? :)

    As I posted in another thread, I have two jobs - one behind a desk, the other making/tasting/designing beer. And the boss has asked me to work at home today, building some custom brewing equipment. Woohoo - I'm being payed to play in my shed!
  14. Sorry - I should have said that most were between 18 and 25. Two were over 30, 1 was over 40 - and there was a gay guy in there too...
  15. I had a job briefly reviewing bars. You know that deck of cards, the Bar Sectrets of Melbourne? I wrote a bunch of those.

    So I was paid to roll up, talk to the managers and drink a selection of their finest cocktails... I took notes while I was there, but buggered if I could read them when I got home again...
  16. I'm a Systems Engineer. I sit in a climate-controlled office and muck about with computer systems worth four or five times as much as I get in a year while drinking free espresso coffee and listening to music. I also get a company mobile and Internet.

    It's not bad at all, really. I also take enough home to live in an inner-city apartment, buy neat kit, and eat out most nights.
  17. Well im a Network engineer. not on that much cash yet as only in this role 18 months but getting another small rise at Christmas

    i travel all over melbourne dealing with Clients, (mostly health based services), do much the same as above

    I love it and the work conditions are great....

    Hell my boss tells me to go home early occaisionally.... im not gonna argue.... oh and the Xmas party is great....
  18. I work in IT as a techie-type. I don't hate my job - generally quite like it - pay is fair and the work reasonably interesting. Plus its with a company big enough to have its own IT department buit with enough special needs to not outsource it.
  19. I'm in the frustrating position of feeling unchallenged in what I do as an Operations Manager for a small company. I've started looking for other work, but they don't see 7 years of management as enough to be Store Manager or Assistant Training Manager. Its a tough world to get a break in and, unfortunately, the huge amount of experience I have falls under many broad titles so is hard to define and summarise in a resume and cover letter.

    Anyone looking for a great Manager who rides????

    :D :D :D
  20. I work in the motorcycle industry, I have for 32 years, I have been a mechanic, owned my own shop, been a National Service Manager, been a National Parts Manager, now I am a National Sales Manager for brands coming from England, Italy, China, Taiwan, Germany and Spain.

    The pay is ok, I get to ride new model bikes, someone please pinch me, am I dreaming? :D