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Anyone got a Hornet 600 service manual? Fork oil question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. If anyone has a Hornet 600 manual (1998), would you mind looking up what it says on how much fork oil they take? I'm lookin' at you, Paul! :)

    Total milliletres per fork's fine, or distance from the top of the (compressed or uncompressed) fork, either one.

    (Edgelett's forks were bottoming out a bit, we're sticking in some new springs and heavier weight oil while she's here. My internet's been shaped back to dial-up speed, so the 185mb workshop manual will take me more than a day to download.... Grrrr.)
  2. I have, it's a .pdf somewhere, let me lookee, OK??
  3. Thank ye, sir!
  4. Loz, I've searched 20 or more CDs here, and I know I've got it but it refuses to rise to the surface. I'll keep looking anyway, but maybe a call to a dealer workshop might yield a quicker result? Sorry, mate I thought I was well organised.
  5. I've forwarded the link to my housemate - he's a forum member and I'm pretty certain he's got the manual for his Hornet. He'll check his email tomorow night, or I'll ask him if I see him.
  6. A bloke on the Hornet forum said "off the top of my head it's 486ml."

    Top of his head? Struth!

    I'd love to get confirmation, thanks for taking a look Paul and I hope your housemate has the answer Matt.
  7. Not sure what year this manual is for but I downloaded the 184~MB
    this is the measurements in mm (not inches)

    Spring free length 309.2
    Spring Direction with Tapered end facing down
    Tube runout -
    Recommended Fork Fluid - fork fluid
    Fluid Level - 102
    Fluid Capacity - 486 +/- 2.5cm(cubed)
    Spring Pre-load - 0.98 - 1.47 N

    EDIT:Whoa nice work off the top of the head!
  8. Bloody 'ell, he was right!?!?!?!?


    Thanks dude!
  9. Hey Nee ,,
    Ya don't happen to have those specs to suit the 250 do ya??
    Gotta do fork seals next week, and can't for the life of me find anything BUT 600 specs :cry:
  10. The best information we could find was to fill the forks to 130mm from the top of a fully compressed fork. This ended up being roughly 410ml and Nee said it felt great. You're welcome to bring the bike down to a wed spanner night, we should be able to knock fork seals over in about an hour.
  11. Thanks Loz ..
    I appreciate it. Hard for me to make those spanner nights, unless one pops up nearby. Besides I'm owed a favour, all I need supply is the specs.. seals and fork oil is being supplied ( hard to refuse that kind of offer ) :p
  12. That does sound like a nice favour! Go for it I say. 13cm from the top was all we could find.
  13. All the answers about Hornet 600 are in here :LOL:

  14. Will use that figure, thanks !
    Yep, although I have a sneaking suspicion I'm gonna be asked to set the lifter preloads on his 351C engine very soon :shock:
  15. Hey Vinnie, if your favour is not from a mechanic you'll need a 19mm (i think it was 19) hex key to remove the fork caps.

    PS. I used 15w fork oil.
  16. I have one, but it's a .pdf and ImagePost doesn't support that. If you PM me with your email address I can send it to you..
  17. Ta mate, Yep he's the mechanic at Dandy Motorcycles. :wink:
    PS: They recommend 10w.. is 15w better for the hornet??
  18. Paul, if its ok, can I grab a copy.. seeing as my next bike will more than likely be another hornet.