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Anyone got a Honda CBF250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Maximisses, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys.

    Short term reader, new poster.

    Had my L's about 7 years ago and had a Honda CBX250.

    Just completed the L course again and am looking at the new Honda.

    Thinking more long term as I'm in no hurry of moving up to larger bikes once I have my full licence.

    If not this bike, than does anybody have any other bike suggestions?
  2. i would suggest anything but a honda cb, anything.... maybe a honda vtr250.

    once you get your big licence you will want a bigger bike.
  3. I would say the CBF250 is pretty much the perfect learners bike, good, reliable & easy to ride, from what I understand they basically have the same engine as the XR250 which is a proven reliable engine so I recon you cant go wrong
  4. occording to the review AMCN gave a couple of issues back its a great bike 3.6ltrs/100km 16ltr tank. 12,000km between service, at $5,490 you cant go wrong.
  5. Sounds like the perfect commuter.
  6. I say not much bang for your buck. Also be wary of windy days, I test rode the CBF250 and it's not much bike, felt a little too light. Somebody posted about the old CB250 having a lot more metal vs lots of plastic on the CBF... personal choice I'd take the CB but that being said I've not ridden either beyong 3rd gear. If you've got the dollars go the VTR.
  7. I heard that too about the cbf vs the cb (metal vs plastic). But from what I've seen there aren't too many 2nd hand CBs around.. and I kind of like the prospect of being able to spend a little over $6k for a brand new bike.

    But haven't ridden one - only the CB at the HART training.

    I also heard that the vtr wasn't that great in terms of what you get for the higher price tag.. but the person I was speaking to was raving about the CBs :)

    In regards to the once you get your licence you'll want a bigger bike.. makes it seem more reasonable to get the cbf with its *small* price tag whilst supposedly being a good learner bike, and then buy something decent when off the 250 restriction?!

    I'm debating over the same decision :)
  8. Keep hunting around for the CB's. They can be snapped up pretty cheaply. I saw a couple of really tidy one go on ebay not long ago for the 3-3500 range, unmarked one had about 5000km the other 15,000km on it.

    Just don't rush, keep searching ebay, bikesales, bikepoint. I was looking at a new CBF or VTR. I ended up with a SRV250 with a couple of grand left in my pocket over the new price of a CBF. Be patient.


  9. Agreed.

    I've just got my license and I'm riding a zzr250. It'll do for the moment but even after only a couple of weeks I can tell that eventually I'm going to want something bigger. I'm glad that I didn't blow the extra money on a new bike straight up - I'll need it in a year to help fund the 600 :)
  10. hey,

    got a cbf 250 myself.bought it brand new.i mostly commute so it helps a lot having a little light bike.handling is not bad at all.but i can't say too much cause it's my first bike and will always have a special place in my heart no matter which way i go in the upgrade direction. it's absolutely true about the windy days. i'm not a big guy and 2 skinny dudes on the highway at 100km/h in gusty winds is most likely a funny view. neither me nor my little cbf 250 don't really know which way to go in a weather like that. rode in an absolute downpour a few times already. very stable as far as i'm concerned.very cheap to run.can't go wrong with that.it's screaming at 100 though.feels like it's pretty much the end of the comfort zone for it. anywhere up from there is not too comfy at all. but again i was getting the bike with commuting in mind not racing.

    i hope that helps a little.