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Anyone got a good Recipe for vodka jelly shots?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mrs Drew, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. I have a good friends Hen's night coming up and she want me to make Vodka Jelly Shots - last time when we made them they where a bit too strong

    Does any one know a good recipe for these? :beer:

  2. I always thought potency was the point :twisted:

    Can't you just make them weaker? Add a some boiling water to the jelly crystals to disolve them, then just add as much or as little vodka as you like... maybe try 1part vodka to 3 (or even 4) parts water?

  3. Hmm google informs me that most people in the intarwebs follow the normal recipe for jelly, but 50% of the water it says to use they substitute for vodka.

    Tips also include not adding the vodka to the boiling water when first dissolving the crystals because that evaporates the alcamahol.
  4. Weak as piss Vodka shots suitable for a hen's night

    Go hunting and gathering for some of the groom to be's pee.
    Heat 1/4 cup of the pee ( just nuke it in the Microwave)
    Whisk in one tablespoon of gelatine,
    Pour into a a clean glass bowl (Don't use metal or plastic as the pee may discolour the bowl)
    Whisk in to the dissolved pee and gelatine mixture another 3/4 cup of the groom to be's pee and 1/4 cup of vodka.
    Pour into shot glasses and put in fridge until set.

    Note, recipe can be doubled or tripled or quadrupled etc according to number of guests.
    Suitable to freeze.
  5. susuzuki, you are disgusting. I hope to never go to a party at your place.
  6. Why does this make me think of that shit that Woodsy bought around to Speed's place a few weeks back?

    It was green, and reminded me of jelly, but didn't taste as nice. Still, it had alcohol in it, and I guess that's a Good Thing (tm).

    Thanks Woodsy ;-P
  7. +1 Just substitute water with vodka (mostly). I used 25% water and 75% vodka with great success. Well, I think it was success, I can't remember anything about the night after the 5th shot.

    You said the ones you've made were too strong, I think it's just because it's jello shots. They kind of don't hit for about 15 minutes, but then when they hit, they hit in a big way - they'll knock you out.

    An alternative to jello shots is frozen vodka watermelon. Basically:

    1. Get a decent sized watermelon.
    2. Slice it 1/3 way from the top
    3. Carve a pyramid in the red fleshy bit and pry it out (keeping it in shape). I find that the pyramid shape is the easiest one to cut and pry off. Cubes are impossible to cut to begin with (the bottom part) and need to be spooned out so it destroys the shape.
    4. Pour as much vodka as possible and wait until the watermelon soaks up most of them.
    5. Put the pyramid cutout back and pour a bit more vodka for good measure. Close up the watermelon with the top 1/3.
    6. Freeze for a day or two - vodka can't freeze, that's why we need the watermelon - they'll freeze alright.
    7. Slice up and serve.

    Delicious! (for 30 minutes - then you'll be out cold)
  8. Forget Jelly,
    Got the watermelon,

    Alt Idea,
    Used to great sucess at a summer party in London,

    1 litre of Vodka,
    1 water melon,
    take lid off vodka,
    use as template, put mark in melon skin, sharp / open end.
    Use sharp knife,
    open melon to template size hole,
    Insert vodka bottle,
    invert melon and bottle,
    ie bottle open end down,
    put in fridge for at least 2 hours,
    supprise vodka bottle empty,
    miracle of infusion,
    cut melon and serve,
    every one frunk yet?
  9. Whats your recipe for chocolate crackles :shock:

    :LOL: :wink:
  10. Just got told a Jelly Shot Recipe

    1 packet Aeroplane Jelly

    80% water (hot, not boiling like the packet instructions say)
    20% Vodka

    Mix, pour into shot glasses and put in the fridge

    Avoid Red Jelly - ends up tasting like panadol...

    Don't forget the Penis Chocolates!!
  11. True but my friend did them this way

    1 bottle Vodka
    about a 1/4 cup of hot water
    2 jelly packets

    Not the best mix in the world! and no one wanted to have more than one
    It was a waste of a bottle of Vodka. :twisted:
  12. OK people over tonight so I thought I'd make some today.

    1 cup boiling water + 1 sachet.
    To which I added 200ml (about 7 shots) of vodka

    Its enough for about a dozen shots. Its setting now, should be sweet by later tonight. So each jelly shot is about 1/2 a standard drink.

    I'll let you know how it goes :D
  13. ive got an easy one

    put 1 nip [no, not a china man!] of bourbon in glass

    add coka cola


    [just in case it doesnt occur to you, you have to set the jelly in the shot class. im psychic and i just had a vision of you pulling massive bowl of jelly out of the fridge and saying 'oh sh!t']

    cheers :cool:
  14. I'd go with this option.

    Make Jelly. Put in fridge to set.

    Drink vodka while you are waiting.

    When suitably lubricated, pour jelly into bathtub and begin jelly wrestling.

  15. [
    Whats your recipe for chocolate crackles :shock:

    :LOL: :wink:-(/quote]

    no, wouldn't serve choc crackles, but I could come up with a recipe for chocolate brownies, though would have to ask Loz if I could use his secret ingredient.
  16. I'll give you all a tip. Don't eat this womans hash cookies. They taste like shiiit.
  17. what about a bloody mary?


    you can give me that spank now :butt:
  18. One spanking, coming right up.
  19. Chocolate crackles: Start with two slabs of beer, a bowl of cocoa pops, a very hot vindaloo and a wading pool.......

    Stump: Spanking will have to wait a little while....... give you time to anticipate it.

    Bloody Mary: Take one female, turn upside down, remove freshness cork*

    *this bit is vitally important - no-one likes it once the cork has gone off...

    Fill recepticle with vodka. Pass recepticle around by the legs (do not tip upright) and drink.

    Great party drink and a fantastic conversation piece/icebreaker at parties. Probably the ONLY drink that likes getting drunk.

    If no "tomato juice" is available there is a good champagne cocktail variation with strawberries and cheap bubbly....

    Erm.... Anyway in other topics......