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VIC Anyone got a Flywheel Puller

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by shidoran, Feb 21, 2014.

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  1. Only need it for one job, but would love to borrow a flywheel puller from someone if available.

  2. Back in the day when I was a brake and clutch mechanic, we used a rubber mallet lol
  3. Yeh I just can't seem to get enough space or leverage behind it otherwise I would do that. Nervous about damaging the engine casing.
  4. Doubt whether you will hurt the casing if you do it right, apart from the bolts most flywheels arent splined on, just a nice fit, the old school flywheels had extra treaded holes in them so you didnt need a puller, just screwed longer bolts in and it pushed the flywheel off, the good old days lol, we even used a 12 inch section of broom handle for clutch aligning tools lol

    Have you tried Coates or Kennards in case you need to hire one ?
  5. I can get a universal set from supercheap for $30. I'll probably give that a whirl, it's not a huge spend.

    Yeh I'm just cautious... I have a tendency to break things.
  6. nothing wrong with being cautious mate. better safe than sorry.
  7. Looks like I need an M12 x 1.5mm puller. Not common apparently. This is going to be painful. :(
  8. What's the bike? Pretty sure I've got one amongst my VFR parts, but I have no idea of the thread...
  9. It's a bandit 250 (GSF250) import. Has a 12mm thread into the crank, not sure of the external thread on the flywheel itself.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.