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Anyone got a Ducati 659?

Discussion in 'SuperSports' started by wideone3, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. So I currently own a street triple 660 lams and the other day I heard a ducati monster 659 go past and couldn't help but notice the correlation between the sound and the bulge in my pants.

    I went and sat on one at a ducati dealership but I want to test ride one with the termi's. If there is anyone out there with one who wants to take a ride on a street triple 660 in return for letting me ride their monster that would be amazing.

    Hit me up through pm or reply to this thread

    And yes I have full comp on my bike so don't worry if anything goes horribly wrong.
  2. Thankyou who ever moved this forum. Wasn't sure where it belonged. Would it be possible to move to the naked section as the monster 659 is a naked bike. Cheerss
  3. If you can get a good long test ride, and are happy with the Duc..... good luck to you.

    I've ridden the 696, which has pretty much the same ergonomics as the 659, and I found the bits that bulge in your pants tend to get rather squished.... the seat seems to bring you forward into the back of the petrol tank.

    Obviously, YMMV.
  4. From when I sat on it. It seemed to be quite similar to my striple in terms of seating position. Very slightly learned forward but quite comfortable.
    I guess I should really just test ride one somewhen. But I want to hear one with the termi's as the only time I've heard one, it sounded amazing
  5. Make sure you get a decent test ride.

    I didn't notice the "squishing" until after I'd been on the bike for over 15 minutes.

    Another mate of mine who rode the same 696, initially thought it was fine, only when he had been riding for 15 to 20 minutes did he start noticing some discomfort.

    Good luck with finding a test ride.
  6. Mine has Termis and she sounds gorgeous! Then she reaches down for the bulge and pulls you tightly into the tank. Is ok, except under hard braking, especially downhill. Your gear can get caught beneath you if move around on seat, but being hard all the time usually stops that from happening. Takes an hour to two in the saddle before start getting numb bum syndrome. I think the Stripple rides better, but I still bought the Monster. Vroom Vroom!
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  7. Where abouts are you?
    Mine has sc project exhaust.

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  8. Im in North Shore. Up near hornsby area. Ive got a competition werkes exhaust on mine which is super loud.
    Sorry thats the only picture of my bike I have on my phone. But it's pretty kitted out.
    Still prefer the look and sound of the ducati. Will have to see if a ride makes me want to buy one.
    But yeah hit me up if your within like 45 mins of me and ill try make my way to you

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  9. That'll be a whole other state away dude!! I'm in SE Vic! Lol
  10. To tempt you further!
    Should go video exhaust and give throttle a big twist!
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  11. Hey Bam BamBam Bam , did you remove the throttle stopper on yours? Am thinking to do so on mine.
  12. image. How could you not have done this???
    Do it man! Your running with just one sneaker on man! You can do it, but ducati's weren't born for restrictions!

    What I did was just drilled out the top screw in the restrictor plate, then just push it aside. I then put the correct size screw in so I can easily return it to stock.
  13. Dont do this to me. I have to admit though my bike looks pretty sexy from most angles but the monster has that special ducati something along with those looks.
    If i was going to get one i would probably do the same as i have to the stripple and heavily modify it like your posted picture.

    Do you guys think that the sc project/other brand (cant make out the name) are better than the termi's and do they come with a similar ecu map?

    From what ive seen i'm pretty sure i could sell my stripple somewhere in the $12-13k mark and have been looking at some 2014 monsters that are pretty kitted out for around $10-11k. No doubt i would probably dump the 1-2k into extra's.

    The other thing tempting me is the options of changing out the throttle restrictor and with the ecu, basically bringing it up to say 70+ hp (or so ive heard).
    The stripple's Ecu is locked and basically would cost me a bunch of money to unrestrict and even then, putting it back into Lams form would be a struggle and yet probably more money.

    Ughhh what do i do.
  14. Mine has termis + the high flo filter, dp ecu kit (just changed the decals as termi sticker is boring) - went this route as wanted to address the stock fuelling. She's still bit lumpy at low rpm and low speed, but that's just her way of saying pin it boy! She loves being hammered around the country roads. As Bam BamBam Bam showed can remove throttle restrictor. Have seen 3 ways to do, all with varying levels of intrusiveness. Is about another 60% of throttle travel behind the restrictor. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th(so so) have plenty of up and go still with restrictor in place, but am finding roll on in 5th and 6th suffers. So, time to pull that fcuker off me thinks!
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  15. The more and more I look at photos and reviews the more I want to buy it. Guess I'll either test ride the one at the dealer or find a friend who has one and then if I love it. I guess change is gonna happen.
  16. How long you got before get unrestricted licence? New models are out now - M821 and M1200. That's said, the M659 probably be the last of the air-cooled models they'll make.
    I'm thinking to keep mine (as is first bike) once unrestricted and add a Panigale 959 to stable, but I do like the new guys.
  17. Yeah i still got almost 2 years left so I'm not upgrading any time soon. Looked at the panigales as the 1299 is my dream bike and was almost tempted into buying a $15k second hand 899 but after reading the penalties of riding and unrestricted bike on restrictions I think I'll wait. So I guess a monster will be my stepping stone towards the panigale.
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  18. Or you could just go and buy an MV.....no aftermarket exhaust needed.
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  19. beautiful machines, but the sound .... meh. Am thinking of a Dragster 800RR though as a second or third bike (will just play a Ducati exhaust through my Sena while riding)!
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  20. Okay so today I ventured into the city to text ride a 659 as when I went to the parramatta place after I booked it they told me they didn't have any left and that the city store had one.
    However I was in luck as the one at the city had the termi's fitted too.

    So how do I start.
    It sounds amazing and better than my streety. It took a long time to get use to the clutch as the friction point is sooooo far out. It became a tad bit easier when I adjusted them. But I would still have to do my own tweaks to fix that.

    It also felt quite small under me due to the smaller front end and overall smaller bike.


    They not really complaints they are just differences to my current street triple.
    The dash is very basic.
    I'm so used to having a gear indicator, fuel Guage etc but I guess I could always sort that out

    Secondly. I don't know if it was just the monster I rode but compared to the triple it didn't seem to have the same low down torque which was weird being a 2 cylinder opposed to 3. I guess it's down to the fact the triple makes it max torque at 5k while the monster makes it quite a bit higher.

    it's also not as smooth as the triple BUT that's only in lower rpms (I was going round the city so don't think I ever got past 3rd and was in 1st most of the time @ 40kph)

    That was pretty much it.

    It's one of the hardest decisions I've come across and I really really can't decide. I guess it's all down to the price. Got an insurance quote and it's very close to my current triumph.
    I'll ring the mechanic tomorrow and get some quotes (assuming it's more to service a ducati).

    Anyone else have an opinions, things that might sway me either way. I'm real stuck.
    Also if anyone knows the average fuel millage on the ducati as I'm getting about 4.7l/100Km.

    I feel like I really need to take it for a longer ride at some twisties or some more spirited riding. However due to that monster being the last one in the shop they said unfortunately that wasn't possible.