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Anyone got a can opener

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by slowandsteady, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. someone needs to work on their reaction times....


  2. Hmmm, to those that think fanging the bike is O.K, because you won't hurt someone else (like a car, see another thread) I offer this photo........

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. that is F****ED!!!! the driver and the rider must have been both killed! the bikes sliced through the car like a hot knife through butter!
  4. I got the 7min vid.

    Debris is scattered thru out the intersection.

    Rider is metres away from the bike motionless & eyes open (dead). Vid is
    taken before emergency services arrive.

    Vid shows other motorists trying to get to the woman driver.

    Would love to post it but I dont think it'd be allowed due to its graphic nature
    (the person taking the vid does numerous takes on the dead riders face).
  5. Whoops! That can't be good...... :cry:
  6. MG, how does the car come to rest beside a gaurd rail?? Is this a t-intersection???

    I've often thought that new riders should be taken through a bike wreckers as part of their education... every mangled bike is death or injury... there's a time and place for going fast... this pic makes the point equally as well.

  7. Yes. Its a T-intersection.

    Sorry I should have said T-intersection instead of 'intersection'. I watched
    the vid maybe a week or so but I've had it for ages now.

    Everyone is talking a foreign language & filming starts moments after the
    incident because smoke is still coming out of the wreckage.

    Only conclusion you can come up with is rider was travelling at extreme
    speeds & did not stop at the T-intersection to turn left or right & has
    cannoned straight into the side of the car.
  8. I wasn't trying to do the "safety nut" thing by posting this one, but it's never the wrong time to post a "reminder". There seems to be a large mix of new riders and returning (like myself) ones on the forum and while we all love and enjoy our preferred choice of motorvation ( :grin: ) we also need to be reminded why we need to take care.....

    Racing is for track days and without speculating, it's pretty clear you'd need to be travelling at speed to bury a bike in the side of a car like this one.
  9. I got 60 gigs worth of bike clips, but lemme look for it again. I'll upload it & email you the link to it.
  10. wow, at first looking at it i couldnt even see the bike...
  11. The lady drivers face was covered in blood. I'd say she was alive because
    the by-standers were attending to her.

    The rider was f*cked tho. His boots flew off, legs busted at right angles &
    stone dead.
  12. The picture is different to the video. This picture is an obvious photoshop, the video is real, and quite horrible -- the bike in the video is an r1 as far as i recall and it split in two - the rider dead.
  13. Before we all started to think about driving when we were in senior high school, they showed us a film made by some yank highway patrol, featuring all sorts of (pre-seat-belt-air-bag) accidents. The film was called "mechanised death". I don't know if it caused me to be a more careful driver when I got on the road, but I DO remember lots of people leaving the room to be sick :LOL:.
  14. I remember seeing that video too, as a 16yo at the local DECA (Driver Education Course Australia) center here in Victoria.

    Modern day Victorian TAC commercials seem to be pretty much dramatised/enacted duplications of the sort of material in that film, minus some of the more gory scenes such as the one which stuck in my mind of the woman's leg almost wholly severed except for a small portion of muscle/skin still holding it, and leg flopping around pissing blood everywhere when the medics removed her from the wreck.
  15. If they showed that sort of vid in schools now they would get sued be almost every parent of a child in the room.
  16. This was at a motorcycle show in denmark..


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  18. with these kids of accidents people are scraped out of the car... I used to help my dad type up maib reports in tas. There ARE times when a merciful angel should be around.