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Anyone got a 36mm socket?? for 2008 R6 steering nut

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Dazza200, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. hey everyone!

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone have for sale or to borrow a 36mm socket for a 3/8 wrench TONIGHT?
    im near Hawthorn in Victoria and would be happy to shout a couple of beers.
    Or does anyone know of any tool shops open after 5:30? otherwise ill just wait till tomorrow.. :(

    I bought an Ohlins damper today and i need the socket to remove the steering nut for my 2008 R6..

    im pretty sure its 36mm, does anyone know for sure? didnt find much info about it..
    Also does anyone know if the ohlins nut that replaces the stock one is the same size?

    thanks guys, any info would help!
  2. Hey mate.

    You need a 1/2inch drive with a 36mm socket!

    36mm won't fit on a 3/8 drive rachet/ breaker bar etc!
  3. I can help you out tomorrow night with the tools if you want to wait.
    I live nundawading .
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  4. lol fair enough,
    As you can see im shit house with names and sizing of tools.. ive got a torque wrench for the job just not the correct socket..
    im just impatient and really wanted to do it tonight. Prob have to take my torque wrench into total tools tomorrow and get the right socket..
    i did go to bunnings and repco but they had no loose sockets that were that big..

    Thanks for the offer Nick, i should be able to get it done tomorrow. If not youll probably hear from me tomorrow!

    cheers bud.
  5. Yeah no worries mate offer is there.

    Just remember 1/2 drive for large sockets.
    3/8 won't work.
  6. k thanks, ill prob need an adapter thingo then right?
  7. You can get an adaptor from 1/2 drive down to a 3/8 drive as I bought one just yesterday ( kinchrome part).

    I don't think They make an adaptor to go from 3/8 drive to 1/2 drive !!
  8. I just had a look on the kinchrome site and to my surprise they do make an adaptor for you.
    3/8 drive to 1/2 drive.

    So your in luck.
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  9. Legend! thanks heaps for your help Nick!! (y) If your ever going on a Sunday ride hit me up.
  10. I think there's one in my 1/2 set. Looka like you can get them separate, but at the sort of exorbitant price you would expect. Seems a pack of such adaptors is similar, cost-wise.
  11. Adaptor is 10-14 bucks.

    Dazza200 I'll keep that in mind mate with the ride on Sunday's .
  12. Success, after calling a few bunnings with no luck (they only had up to 32mm)
    I called Masters and they have the 36mm
    And they have the 3/8-1/12 adapter!
    Woooohoooo!!! Ohlins damper is on tonight!
  13. Well done mate ,likes like your getting busy tonight with fitting the new ohlins .