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Anyone got a 2006 Yamaha R6???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LOW RYDER, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. just saw it live and personal at a shop, the thing is amazingly looking and has all these Moto-GP goodies on it.

    just want to get an idea of whats it like from someone who has riden one.

    since its a completely different bike to the previous year's i'm always weary of V.1's of any new model as they might have somethings go wrong or any callbacks.


  2. Nope... but from what I've read..... Damn!!!! Everyone I know who has seen them/ridden them has said it is one very well put together machine!!
  3. i know what you mean, the things looks like years ahead of its time...

    i was thinking of getting a 2-3 year old bike but this ones is making me thing otherwise...but @ $17k on road i can't make a rush decision.

    any video reviews anywhere???
  4. I'd be kind of wary of something with that much complicated electrickery - just from a service/troubleshooting point of view.

    At the same time, Yamaha has a pretty good reputation for reliability, maybe it won't be an issue. I guess I'm not much of an early adopter!
  5. There was an L-plater at the track today who binned his 06 R6 in the second session. Expensive lesson.

    They are great bikes if you dont stack them :wink:
  6. Jeeeeesus, you'd be happy with yourself wouldn't ya!
  7. ouch i wouldn't have the guts to take a new R6 to the track unless i had money coming out of u know where.

    so is this bike any good on the road? because all reviews of this bike on magazines are on the track.
  8. I was talking to a Yamaha salesguy the other day and he basically told me it's a track bike, not designed for the road.
    He said he took one for a long ride, around town it was hard to get along with, but on the open road it hammers.
  9. what do they mean when they say that you really have to work the bike to get it going around town??

    i don't have much experience on a bike apart from 20mins on a gixxer 1000 so i can't understand when they say that??

    do they mean the bike on the road is like starting a manual car in 3rd gear???this is a 600cc supersports bike not a pw50...
  10. I reckon alot of it would be in the fact that the bike produces no torque down low in the rev range... Though could mean anything :?
  11. I reckon it means you can't easily just putt putt around town, sort of like driving a Ferrari, not really made to work well in 40kmh zones.
  12. i can understand from the ferrari analogy, that makes more sence. but would it really have lack of torque?? your not towing a caravan..
  13. For everyday riding yes. My bikes got none so i dont imagine theyre much better, especially if they are now even further tuned towards racing.

    Its almost painful now i have to use it as a sole method of transport, always havin to change down a gear( or 3) when you really need to move. That or pay the fuel bill havin it revin its tits off.

    Thats why when i go back home for holidays its not a hard choice whether i take my bike or me old mans xjr1300 to get around town on :grin:
  14. so is this mainly on heavy traffic roads??

    what about sunday rides down to the gong/gosford??? would i have fun then??
  15. 'tis the reasomn i ordered a daytona 675. makes much more sense for the road (down the board) and it appears that it will be bloody quick on the track as well even tho triumph didn't 'care' about it being on the track.

    From what Ive read, the 600 sport class are really suited for track use and not that great for 'typical' road use. mik84 seems to know, he owns one :)
  16. Your 20 mins on the Gixxer 1k should answer this for you already!!!!

    They absolutely act like dog turds at anything under 4-5k rpm! The one I was on does!
  17. my gixer runs fine on normal ride days... most of the time i take it easy and it rides fine
    and when i get out to the twisties its great as well
    i havnt taken her to track though but im sure its good there too :grin: :grin:
  18. well with the gixxer i was on 3rd doing about 30km/h and you just rev on the throttle and it goes..it has power at every gear, nothing like that were talking about the 600's lack of torque.