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Anyone got a 2005 Lancer VRX 2.0litre?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulie, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, just wondered if anyone has or knows anything about the Lancer 2.0 litre VRX. I found one in a dealer for $23,990 drive away! Brand new. Its got all the power options. I currently drive a mirage which is reliable as hell and so i sorta wanna stick with mitsubishi cause I never heard anything bad... anyone got any feedback? good buy at that price? Problems etc?

    Thanks in advance, I'm just so indecisive about buying stuff

    (p.s Sorry if i posted in the wrong section)
  2. IIRC they've just brought out a 2.4 litre VRX, so this one's probably a superseded model.
  3. Yeah, the 2.4 litre VRX is like 10 grand more and just drinks more petrol... I clock approx 800kms a week.... Just lookin at the Ford Focus online hmmmm....
  4. What happened with the caesarian dude?? i thought you were thinking of selling the bike cause you were short of money?? i guess everything has worked out ok if your considering a car now??
  5. hahaha.... WELL turns out that whole health insurance problem was fixed and HCF is now gonna pay EVERYTHING!! The full cessarean, hospital stay THE LOT! And I figure I need a 4 door car for the baby! (good excuse huh) its a tax deduction too
  6. That's great to hear dude. I'm glad everything worked out for the best
  7. Ive already told you people that anything with a capacity of less than 5L isnt a real car. But.... If you have to, the lancers not a bad choice. Know a couple of chicks that own em and they seem alright to drive and reliable enough...

    Congrats on the bub anyways and glad everythin worked out well with health insurance for ya...
  8. Thanks guys! The vrx looks better than the stock one, ya get the clear tail lights and alloys, and the bodykit


    Thanks guys, bloody glad it worked out too! It was really looking like i was gonna be up for $10,00 for this kid!
  9. HAHA, i'm not surprised seeing the last two cars you've had (both of them nice by the way). However i must admit there is nothing like the feeling that a 5l + V8 produces when you step on the loud pedal.

    My dad's best mate used to own a 2D LJ Torana with a Chev 350 V8 in it. MMMMM 1000kg car with a big bore V8. He had it flat pinned one after along the fwy just north of dapto and the front end started to go feather light and the front wheels were JUST lifting and touching back down again over ANY small unconformity in the road.
  10. Nah thats so true... its a very special feeling. Youve seen the piece of shit i got now have ya?

    A torana with a 350 is on my list of cars to own :p

    I had a mate that had a 600 cube ford in(i should say on) what i think was a mazda rx4? That thing used to lift the front wheels no dramas at all! Only problem was with that much weight over the front wheels the thing would hardly turn, prick of a thing to drive...
  11. I would LOVE the new Chrysler 300C! with the V8 Hemi in it! But damn it would cost alot in petrol! They look the business I reckon!
  12. Dunno much about em but being a modern engine and from memory i think they have displacement on demand like the gen4 does in the states?
    they shouldnt be too bad on fuel.
  13. Nah i haven't seen our new car dude!
  14. Tryin to figure out which cars youve seen? The white ss that got nicked and which other?
  15. I haven't seen your second car, only read it's discription you gave me, from which it sounded nice, was i wrong in assuming this?
  16. Ahh ok yeah. Nah its alright, had a few hiccups initially but shes all good now. I just bag out all the holdens i own :p

    Thinkin of sellin it actually... Maybe get another bike or somethin... Can never make up my mind :roll:
  17. HAHA fair enough, so i take it your a FORD man then?? And what sort of bike where you thinking of getting??
  18. Yeah definately a ford fan...

    Dude i really dunno... Got a few other ideas floatin round in me head, one of which is gettin a boat and doin some work on it or grabbin a cheap 65 mustang from the states to restore...

    So many ideas so little cash! Either way gotta get some more extra work first!
  19. I went to buy a Lancer not long before they intoroduced the 2.4l. They let me drive the VRX Wagon. Now that thing stuck to the road really well all things considered. I would suggest the manual version for better performance / economy, although the tiptronic is really handy (I have one in the magna). I like mitsu's, mine has only ever had routine maintenance, never let me down and I have added 80,000 to the clock.
  20. I had an '88 Magna for 10 years from new, and it was a great car. (A silver Elante manual. Not much go, but it handled well and was a fantastic long distance tourer.)

    Before that we had a Colt for a few years - not a bad little jigger. And my Mum had a 2.0 litre Sigma for ages, no problems.

    So from my experience Mitsubishi build pretty good cars. Not always the most exciting, but they seem to get the job done.