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Anyone going to WSID this wednesday (05/11)?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by UDLOSE, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Not sure if this is the right place for the thread..

    I'm planning to take the old blade down for a few runs tomorrow assuming its not raining. Just wondering if anyone from here is planning to go? It would be nice to put some faces to names.

    I've never run a bike at the drags so its gonna be fun. It's a good day get some runs in because the andra meet is on Friday so it should be quiet.

    If anyone happens to be there, I'm on a bright yellow early fireblade.

  2. This is the right place for your thread.
  3. Hey Marty

    Would have liked to go but am planning a race school on 24th nov so need to keep my funds reserved for that.

    Will have to get together there sometime and line the old girls up.

    Should be fun but the weather doesn't deem to be in your favour.
    As long as the weekend is fine I'm happy. The wife and kids will go down the coast and I'll have 2 days of no time limit riding. Just have to stop in to sleep and feed the pets.
  4. Don't write it off :grin:
  5. LOL Where's your bike u big girl?

    Big Dan b1tched it so he can't give u a lift so if your coming (u better) :evil: u need to find someone else. If u can get to my house andrea will take u.

  6. Bikes stuffed!

    What time you leaving at?
  7. It's not stuffed till it throws a leg out :LOL:

  8. bah, don't finish work til 5.30
  9. Would like to come, but I have work + still getting the hang of honda clutch and gearbox, wouldn't want to make a fool of myself :cool:
  10. Did a best of 11.94@121MPH with an RT of .009, pretty happy with that for my first outting. It's got alot more in it but the rider is letting it down :p
  11. Well done
    Not a bad RT. Gotta be happy with that.
    Time is quite respectable considering all variables like 1st time nerves, setup etc.

    Did you change anything for the night? I believe winding up the rear suspension is one thing to do but no clue really.

    There was a very favourable comparison in a mag I flicked thru yesterday. It was between a 1992 blade and a 2008 blade.

    Power to weight was down obviously and the bike they rode had the original unserviced suspension whic sagged a bit in the rear. Otherwise factoring in the cost they suggested the old blades are well worth considering.

    I can stop dreaming for a little while longer lol.

    Dunno if you saw but there is a Macquarie Pass ride on Saturday. I'm
    95% in. I've never done Mac Pass.
  12. Wow thats interesting, alot of people speak highly of the old blades. I would have thought that with the suspension you'd want to run it soft in the rear.

    For drag cars the standard setup is they run soft springs all round with 50/50 stocks in the rear and 90/10s in the front. The idea is that the front lifts up and the rear squats down and stays down under acceleration. I was thinking off attempting to match that on my bike and see how it goes. I think that the soft setup would reduce the chance of pulling the front wheel up too because the power is being absorbed by the springs and tyres. I don't know much about bikes but I can't see why the theory being different from rwd cars.

    Based off my MPH I should be getting 11.26s so I've still got about half a second to try and make up off the line.

    I'll try and make it out to the pass, i've never ridden it either

  13. Well done on a reaction time of .009. Thats the part that most new riders/drivers have trouble nailing.
  14. Thanks :grin:

    I'm going back this wednesday! The bug has bitten.
  15. I went back and knocked a tenth off my pb on my first run (11.8) and then after that I got worse and worse. I think I was trying too hard. I softened up the suspension and dropped the tyre pressure but I couldn't get any traction. After doing a 4 second burnout in the water I'd roll out and nail it and i was hitting limiter frying it for a few ft. I'd go for the big launch and just light the tyre. I tried slipping it more on the last run and it was the worst run of the night. Atleast I improved anyway.
  16. Hi Marty
    I went to the drags tonight on the old blade. Below are my times etc.
    Mind boggling how the times don't seem to relate to higher speeds and the difference your 60 foot time makes to the quarter.

    Can anyone tell me what the time at the bottom of the ticket means. It says left or right first and then a time but it doesn't seem to fit anywhere in the equation.



    3rd___11.006___ 203.65___0.189

    4th___11.139___ 201.03___0.194