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Anyone going to Tiesto this Sunday?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. I'm going to see Tiesto (You Tube him if you don't know who he is) this Sunday at Festival Hall with another Netrider, anyone else going?

  2. arrgggh!
    i've had offer of tickets, twice!
    i really wanted to go to the thursday gig though.
    but yeah, cant sunday, as it finishes after the trains stop running, and there's be no way im leaving early!
    and with no licence, $80 cab fare, and fcuk pedalling, i cant get home in time for work 6am....

    crappp :cry:
    ive waited so long for Tiesto to come to Oz lol.
    :cry: :cry:

    enjoy it!!! :grin:
  3. Yeh I wanted Sat night tix but no go, I'm not sure how we are getting there and home again, not sure if I'll be in any state to drive :wink:
  4. anyone who is, shouldnt be going :grin:
  5. My housemate has been offering me a ticket to go with them on the friday night.

    Although I dont mind the music, Tiesto is very old school, not like some of todays crap, I cant really see myself going. Not paying 100 bux for a ticket for something im not really in to.

    Not bad value if youre into it tho. A 5 hour+ set for $100.

    Should be an interesting saturday/sunday/monday when the housemate is home and coming down..... :roll:
  6. I'll see you there.

  7. Cool, see ya there
  8. I'm going on sat night :grin: . Cant wait, saw him in 04 so will be good to see him again. Gonna be good :cool:
  9. i tried dancing at the future music festival and my bulging belly completely got in the way!!! i musta looked like a stranded whale. mind you bub got a sense of beat goin' on and i got some very encouraging comments from strangers about introducing bub to decent music at an eary age :grin: so please have a dance for me til i get my body back to myself :wink: :dance: :music:
  10. Looks like I'm meeting a few Netriders there, we'll have a dance for you Carri
  11. Trance, TRANCE? :sick: :jerk:

    I am glad to say no. *Goes off to listen to some good ole rock*
  12. Ha! I'm into heavy metal, rock, 70's, dance, I don't limit myself to one genre, maybe you need to listen with someone that knows their music and experience some moving emotional uplifting hard trance?

    To each his own, quite frankly that is one reason I like hard trance music venues, because not everyone is into it; I like to be a little unique.
  13. To be honest I haven't looked into trance music that much. Half the detraction is the try-hard aura around the scene. I'm sure there are many decent people like yourself but the dickheads have always stood out, so I have avoided it.

    Just to show I'm not completely close minded I will check out some of this guys stuff on youtube ;)
  14. Can't ask much more than that, well done dude :grin:
  15. Copied a Tiesto CD to my iPod from a workmate, amongst that and Matt Darey/Nocturnal, I'm slowly gettn into it :)
  16. Wow awesome night! Tiesto was great, fantastic vibe from the crowd, and just enough room to dance.
  17. It was a lot better than I expected. They pyros made it that much better.

    I thought they were going to seperate the crowd as they locked people into different sections when you entered. But no, the gates opened :)

    I was never a fan of Festi Hall, but feeling the bass through the floor added that extra "element"
  18. it was good - sooo many muzzas though, like one giant bad taste party!
  19. OMG Jonny, was wondering if you were going... went Saturday night.... IT WAS AMAZING. omgom gomgomgomgomgogmogmmog. Want to go again Friday!!! Can't wait!

    Are you going to Armin Only? I'm heading to the first show, can't wait for that either must have more!!!!!!!
  20. It was almost an indoor summadayze, but with much better music. Had an absolute blast though. That man can really fire up a crowd.