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Anyone going to be at Botany RTA this Sunday 6/5/07

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ihaveduff, May 4, 2007.

  1. Anyone going to be at the Botany RTA this Sunday for a P's test or their L's test?

    I'll be doing my P's (yellow VTR), so if anyone's down there, come say hi!
  2. good luck mate
  3. Good luck my man! remember to take it slow...... it's REALLY easy to go fast on the course and stuff it all up........ they allow 20km/h to 25km/h and believe me......... doing the course on 21-22km/h is far more easier than doing it at 24-25km/h ....... even tho it's only a couple of km's difference.

    plus the instructor sometimes turns a blind eye if you went abit slower than 20km/h on the emergency brake and more so on the swirve.

    my mistake the first time was that I went abit too fast..... even doing the whole course I went to fast. so I also suggest to take a Deeeeep breath and 5 seconds to yourself to prepare on every obstacle course during the test. TAKE YOUR TIME ..... 5 seconds of deep breath can help you ALOT.

    stay sharp and focus and don't stress and control your nerves - and most of all don't forget to do HEAD CHECKS..... people lose easy points like that.

    see ya soon!!! we gotta celebrate on monday!!!
  4. Headcheck. Headcheck. Headcheck.
  5. 3 points everytime u don't headcheck...
  6. i concur with the HEADCHECK HEADCHECK! I almost failed because i got all nervous and kept forgetting to do headchecks!
  7. Good luck mate, looks like you will have perfect weather too!
  8. Good Luck James! :grin:
  9. Whats the bet he'll forget a headcheck???? :)
  10. Haha, hopefully not!
  11. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!

    and no rocketeer, didn't forget a headcheck :p ... got me 100%!!!

    only downer is that the P plates won't match the colour scheme of my bike (damn... i sound like a scooter rider :LOL: )
  12. Well done mate!
  13. Good onya James :beer:
  14. 12 months til the trumpy hey good work mate
  15. What's the trumpy you're planning on getting?
  16. he wants a daytona 675
  17. Not only the Daytona mate! I'm very tempted by a Thruxton 900 too :grin: i love cafe racers!
  18. :dance: :dance: never a dought in the world that you wouldn't get it mate, well done! \:D/

    now its time to celebrate :beer:
  19. Damn straight! I was thinking about getting a thruxie but didn't have the cash, so peiced mine together instead. Have you seen a standard Bonne T100 with clipons? They look hoooooooooooooot!