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Anyone going on the Spirit of Taz ferry soon?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heinz_Guderian, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Long shot time:

    I have bought a bike in Melbourne that I need to get to Tazwegia. Freight is expensive UNLESS the bike comes over with a passenger on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, in which case it gets a subsidy. So if anyone is coming over, or knows someone coming over, on the ferry around the first half of August, I'd love to know so I can save some money and give the transport assistant a cut.

    Depending on timing, the bike would have to be ridden either on and off the ferry ramp, or else from St Kilda onto the ferry- a distance of a few kays. I will meet on arrival in either case. Bike is a mighty CB250RS- an easy bike for anyone to manage, and easily put in the back of a van or truck in which case it would travel free and I can be quite generous to the person helping.

  2. $80 for a flight to Melb, and take it home yourself. Total cost of about $300. Perhaps that's an option, if you get no takers.
  3. If you can load the bike on this end and then unload as a passenger back on station peir and you dont have to take the journey,then you personally pickup the bike in Tassie,same in reverse,then if your stuck,and you need and the authorities allow that,I could help out.
    I have to go to Tassie on 13th for work but we fly into Launceston and are travelling with a work colleague and tis all it too hard to do the ferry. :?
  4. Too easy. I'll ride it over and meet you at Devenport. You pay for the ferry or flight back, whichever is cheaper ;)
  5. So many bikes on spirit of tassie .. ;)

    didn't realize it takes 9 to 11 hours, thought a little shorter lol.


    Not sure if this applies to bikes?
  6. :shock: WOW at that photo. If you have been on the boat you will know how cavernous that area is. Must have been a big organised run to have that many bikes. I went down in Mar/Apr and there were about 15 bikes total. They had us strapped down in a little space where they couldn't put any cars.
  7. Lotta Ulysses stickers in that bunch...
    ... and as anyone who works in the trade knows, the Ulysses motto is....

    "I demand my club discount"

    Thanks for offers folks, looks like we can get a freight company to move it for a tad under $300, and the ferry people make it awfully difficult to ship it for less than that. But thanks again.
  8. Could be the GP trip. The ferry holds 130 bikes in a sailing, and coming back from the GP last year, I was the 130th bike!
    It looks amazing, they even had bikes on the mezzaneen (sp?) level!
  9. Probably a MotgoGP trip, or the Ulysses AGM last year. More old farts than the Oz nationals lawn bowls tournament
  10. Those saying Ulysses were right. It's quite easy, just take a look at the URL for the image ...

  11. Good 100+ bikes over and 130 odd back, when I went early May 2005, just for a quick 10 day lap a da map :shock: God that place has the best roads in oz I personally ridden-bar midland link-EVERYWHERE.Truth be known, twas the only reason Fleur moved there-to make us all jealous :LOL: