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Anyone going for their full's in the next few weeks. SE suburbs?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Kitju Kat, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Hi guys!

    I have had my L's a little too long and am looking to get my full's ASAP. I did my L's in Hastings with a mate who had planned to get our full's together but due to both our busy work schedules we can't go at the same time anymore.

    I'm not too sure where to go now as to really good places. I'm also pretty terrible with directions.

    Any info would be great! And someone to go along with would also be awesome!
  2. Did mine at DECA in Carrum Downs - easy to find and no worries. Instructor was great and gave appropriate feedback and instruction

    Google them - there's a heap of dates usually available.
  3. hey

    you could try Deca training in Carrum Downs they are good and only about 30 minutes away from you.. check the website '

    ooh Cougar I was typing and you were posting '' synchronicity''
  4. I have to go for mine in the next few weeks, after today, Im over the L plate, im in south east too
  5. FYI, I did both my Ls and full licence with Ride-tek (http://www.ridetek.com.au/), nice and friendly people which I would certainly recommend. They have a location at Sandown Racecourse, which I believe is pretty near to Endeavour Hills. Do check them out!
  6. Awesome! I'm keen to meet up and go together if you like? Just need to chose which place and book in. Also keen for pre Full's test rides :)
  7. Can do ;) I did my Ls at HART and keen to head back there(kilsyth) (happy to ride there with you) pre licence test ride? happy to help also
  8. Yeah I heard HART was always really good.

    Are you able to go on Sat/Sundays?
  9. go to HART in Kilsyth !
    they will make a day of it and get in heaps of exercises that you will find valuable.
    then you remember those exercises after the day and practice them and perfect them.
    then you will be well on your way to being awesome.

    because the test itself is piss easy.
    so at least Hart gives you a bit more to learn and practice on the day. still not enough. book in for advanced 1 at the very least. then true awesomness becomes closer still.

    the test is nuffin, just make the most of the day. thrash the crap out of their bikes and push your limmits.

    the only thing you should be trying for on the test is a top score. you won't fail it. so don't even worry about that.
  10. I can do sat sun, HART is awsome, so ill stick with them, only weekend I cant do is next week, duw to work but anytime otherwise
  11. Alright. HART it is! Sounds really great! I'm happy to book in for Saturday the 27th if you're keen?
  12. 27th is out mate, 28th on sunday, numbers are low so i just booked otherwise there is a huge wait, if you cant get that, let me know when you can and ill change the dates ;)
  13. Allstar Motorcycle Training is in Dandy sth
    they look busy but I'm sure they could fit you in.
    I think they are cheaper than the others too
  14. Awesome. I'll call them tomo for Sunday 28th :) Thanks!
  15. Oh oh! Full day or half?
  16. hmm i may have to get in on this:D i should be able to be off my L's now
  17. half day, and spenaroo yup its time...
  18. Sunday the 28th is now booked out. I didn't get in. She said either this coming Saturday or Saturday September 3rd and it's filling fast
  19. Ok recap. I'm on the waitlist for the 28th. But am booked for the half day afternoon for Saturday September 3rd. There's 4 spots left if anyone wants to join Me at HART kilsyth. I'd be really quick. I waited like 5 hours and an entire session booked. Busy time of year.