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Anyone get in on Dick Smith's $0 cameras?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. A few weeks ago a major screw up at dick smith's meant that a major brand SLR camera was on sale for $0. It has stayed fairly low key and slipped by the news outlets, but the proof is in the pudding. I have a few friends that capitalised on the mistake and have received their free cameras. Most were unlucky, getting in too late and DS cancelled the sales, but a few slipped few. A friends brother managed to get two.

    Anyone here get in?
  2. Very lucky to get them for nothing..
    The legislation says if its a mistake they dont have to supply at the advertised price.
  3. not only that, they can also refuse sale.
  4. now u tell us
  5. Yeah I remember studying that in contract law, something about an advertised item is an invitation to treat not an offer. The offer is made by the prospective purchaser.
  6. What model?
    Hopefully there will be a few on ebay
  7. good on 'em for honoring the advertised price.

    sometime last yr i was in an RM Williams buying what amounted to X00s worth of stuff. thought i'd get some of that polish for the boots.

    sticker price was 8bucks. the guy informed me that it was the wrong price. he charged me the 13 odd dollars or whatever it retailed for.:-s
  8. twain, my sister in law worked at RMW further south. From what I have heard said, the way the store owners count the purse, your lucky he only added $5....
  9. What urks me is that every day in the newspaper theres always an ad or two for Bunnings, Coles or Woolies saying the advertised price was wrong, as if they don't do it on purpose to get you into the store.
  10. Yea, it comes down to their company policy.

    I was in a store that had a jacket tagged as on sale and then register said higher. The guy said if its wrong he should get it free.

    I politely told him thais aint Woolworths, and I can't give him a 600 jacket free. I gave it at the discounted tagged price to honour what he originally expected... then re-tagged the rest of the jackets.