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Anyone From Wagga?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Makybe05, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Hey just wondering if anyones from Wagga on here?

  2. I'm not from Wagga if that helps. Sorry couldnt help meself.
  3. i will be in 2 weeks, i go to kapooka on the 26th
  4. Yep... I am!!! How's it going??
  5. I'm not, but I know a couple young blokes at work (in Karratha) from Wagga. Long way from home :wink:


    that was my Pl Sgts favourite line

    are you going to b coy or have you signed you life away for 4 years? which corps? RAInf i hope (not! im RAAC now!)


    PS i thought wagga was a hole untill i spent 3 months at singo[/code]
  7. rasigs for me, i originally applied for officer raac, was rejected.

    im going in as ecn405 - technician telecommunications systems, full time and as such have 6 years ahead of me.

    a small benefit is ill be spending half a year in melbourne and a year in albury. then, im told chances are ill be in darwin, maybe townesville.
  8. noooooo not a chook! but at least youre in, its a friggin miracle when those idiots at DFR get the right people in.
    yeah thats the catch with trades, longer roso, but at least youll have decent civi quals at the end of it. the other downside is youre a bloody IET for 18 months.

    mate we'll have to catch up for a ride or/and a beer before you go, then i can let you know what youre in for.

  9. where are you from, ive got so many poeple ive gotta see so soon.

    at least this weather will surely be clear now for a week or 2 soon
  10. Im from Leeton...
  11. Hi there Makybe05,
    Born and breed just out of wagga, I still go home for holidays with the kids, good country air. :LOL: . Have to catch up next time I'm home.
    Cheers Lou
  12. Born in Wagga lived there for 10 years. Only thing i remember is the huge water slide, KO-Wah restaurant (used to be next to kfc) south wagga public, Silver Key take-away hmmm victoria hotel?? Nice quiet town when i lived there
  13. i used to live in wagga wagga, mount austin actually. i went to mount austin high aswell, what a scummy school :twisted: my mother and older sister still live there though. like dom said you are in for a culture shock at kapooka. i went to kapooka in 2000 or 2001. i was a chocko(yes a reserve) ok ok no smart ass comments please :LOL: it is quite interesting there. i think it has changed to only 5 1/2 weeks now, it was 6 1/2 when i was there. just a note.... make sure you are bloody fit as possible!!!!!! the fitter you are the easier it will be. funny as it sounds i quite liked it at kapooka.
    The screaming of "HALLWAY 25" still rings through my head. :LOL:

    the dusty warrior is quite rewarding when you have completed it.

    all i can say is good luck :LOL: :LOL:

    if you can get on the net and find out the part names of the minimi and styre it'll help too

    wow im having major flashbacks lol
  14. Lived in Griffith for 4-5 years and now in Melbourne... best move I ever made :)
  15. reserves have a 28 day course i do believe. and the fitness, im screwed, i bafely passed the entry fitness assessment, and with only 2 weeks to improve, ill be at the lower end of the scale.
  16. is it still 45 sit ups and 25 pushups??? the best thing to do is walking/jogging. and get into those pushups and situps!!! i think once you have done your iet courses you will be asked to do 50 push ups and 100 situps (thats what we were expected to do). i think i also had to complete my 2.4km run in under 9min 58sec but that goes on your age group.
  17. pfa for entry is 45 situps, 15 pushups and 7.5 on the beep test. the bfa when your finishing kapooka is like yeah 50 and 100 which is insane at the moment but im sure itll get easier
  18. Bring plenty of thermal underwear mate .... "Sunny Kapooka" is a crock
  19. And that's my home town