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anyone from the south coast of NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SinFulNard, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Wondering if many people are from the Illawarra round here or down south?

    I'm looking at getting into group rides, was hoping to start locally. Don't know many people who ride.

  2. There's a few of us, I'm a bit further west atm, but I'm at wollongong uni 4 days a week atm
  3. cool. what do you do at uni?
  4. Theres a group, Illawarra Riders that are in your area. Hornet600 knows them. give him a PM
  5. indeed.

    at the risk of promoting another forum on this one, go to www.illawarrariders.com

    Lost of ad-hoc rides at short notice, and a darned nice group of people (I'm one of them :))
  6. Ban him, ban him now! :p
  7. awesome. ill have a look.

    be good to get out there with some people.
  8. Physics ;)

    If you want to do a ride sometime, just send me a PM and we can organise something
  9. no PM for me till i hit 20 posts.

    I do Network and Sys managment. Last semester. how long you got left? what bike do you ride? Gotta love uow motorbike parking!
  10. and i know see it says cleary under your name. GS500. Seen a few of those around uni.