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Anyone from South East Subs of Melb?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RedRobbo, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Title says it all, I was hoping seeing I have never riden to talk to some people around my area and get more understanding on riding. I have never riden before and am looking at going for my learners in a few months. I live in Narre Warren South so if anyone is around that area would love to ask some questions and find out more.:cool:.

  2. mate just away, you'll get a response from Tassie to Darwin, just fire away... and maybe put your location up for future postings, have you posted a 'hello' in the lounge yet? if not Welocme to NR RedRobbo
  3. I'm not too far from you, but +1 to what Goddie says. Don't need to be local to answer a question; fire away.
  4. How old are you Robbo? Ever ridden anything before? (dirtbike as a kid even?)
  5. What do you plan on riding once you get your permit? Cruiser? Sport bike? Dirtbike?

    *gulp* scooter?
  6. Many thanks for the replies guys, I have never riden before had mates that did. I am looking at getting a CBR250r as I think it would be a good bike for me to learn on and from what I have read very user friendly. So one question where do I start, do I get the gear first go and do a 2 day learner course first any thoughts and or advice would really help. This seem to be a very friendly forum I would like to check out this saturday morning practice thing even though I don't have a bike yet it may be good to come down and have a chat with some of you and find out a little more.
  7. Have you sat on any bikes yet? I would suggest you either drive in to sat morn prac sessions where people will give honest [I'm not selling you a motorbike today] feedback about bikes, why THEY like them and what they think of them, everyone has different tastes and needs in bikes!
    Gear, down your way, try AMX??
    Have you read any of the threads on here for new riders yet? Do alot of reading, you WILL get a headache but you wont say that you didnt have the information available to you, this is one great site for 'tips' with some riders that ride at a VERY high standard that provide help to anyone and everyone. Good luck in choosing the right bike for your needs.

    PS: might pay to buy a second hand bike to start with, so when you drop it, and you will, we ALL have, it wont hurt your pocket nor pride so much!! Oggy nobs can save you money :)

  8. Thanks for the all the help Goodie, I am busy this weekend but I might and get down to Sat morning practice the following weekend:cool:.
  9. Welcome to NR. (y)

    What Goddie said - Just drive down to Sat Prac and talk to everyone there, see/feel the bikes etc etc.

    AMX has got an outlet in Lynbrook so that's a place you can visit when you decide to buy your gear.
  10. Hi RedRobbo and welcome to NR