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Anyone from Melbourne have stock XVS650 exhaust to rent/borrow

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by seevip, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Anyone from Melbourne have stock XVS650 exhaust to rent/borrow?

    I urgently need it as I just noticed the EPA letter and have two days to get the stock exhaust on?
  2. That is rough mate. Can I ask what pipes you are running? I have an XVS650 with Vance and Hines pipes and have a feeling that I'd get a letter if I was ever pulled up. Unfortunately the pipes came with the bike so I dont have any stock ones to lend you.
  3. If you have gutted the std pipes, I have heard that a shedload of stainless steel wool will quieten them down enough to pass the test.
  4. semi gutted stock pipes, but they make you weld in the baffles before testing....
  5. I have a set of stock exhaust pipes you can borrow
  6. Some stockies here ... If I may asked how were you pinged what have you got on ?
  7. ive got semi gutted pipes, no idea how i was pinged, they just sent me a notice in mail stating that either an EPA officer or the police spotted me on st kilda rd ...
  8. Thats a definate roll of bad luck mate... so many XVS's out there with aftermarket pipes, the officer concerned must be wanting to raise some cash for the end of year BBQ :censored:

    Did you get a lend of some stock pipes to stick it to em ?
  9. Yeah, lukey was kind enough to lend me them :)

    What sucks is that I spent ages doing an exhaust wrap Job, now it all has to come off.....
  10. Do you have to take the wrap off?
  11. Thanks very much to Lukey, have now passed EPA exam :)
  12. Nice one Lukey
  13. Long shot but im located in craigieburn aswell and need to lend stock pipes to pass rwc u wouldn't still have them would u ??