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Anyone found their first bike too small..and bought another?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gsxxer, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. this has been bugging me increasingly over the months, my across feels just too small, my legs are too hunched, which makes the footpegs less comfortable etc etc. plus getting leg cramps aint fun, not to mention dangerous and distracting

    i was interested in a tourer/sports tourer as an upgrade after my across but im thinking i may have to get another learner bike.

    so shoot some options to me. im looking for something with a fairly upright seating position, big enough to fit a fairly tall and heavy guy comfortably, perhaps around the 500-650cc mark. as much power as i can have basically.

    suzuki sv650s was an obvious one in my mind

  2. Re: Anyone found their first bike too small..and bought anot

    Yep and then you can derestrict it as soon as you are off restrictions. No need to buy two bikes then. The GSF650 looks the goods as well.

    A lot of people us the DR650 as a tourer. Cheap as and looks like fun.

  3. How tall are you? Did u think about the GS 500? That's pretty upright and I've heard good reviews from most (haven't personally ridden one).

    If you have a while on your learners/Provisionals and are really unhappy with your bike then yeh get another one. If you don't have any serious issue but you feel a bit cramped after an hours riding then I would say stretch your legs and push on. I'd be more interested in learning how to manouvere the machine before I got concerned about taking everybody at the lights. That being said, if you want the power and it's important to you then get it. Just be aware you will probably be forking again when you get off your restrictions.

    Oh a side note, I also recommend to all new riders to go no fairings as drops and crashes are common. Buddy of mine just came off my old bike that i sold him but no fairings so saved himself a grand there. It's just the little things like that which have the ability to make a difference.
  4. It probably wouldn't hurt you to try the DR650 to see if the dirt road/trail element might interest you (if you haven't already tried trail riding of course). It will open up a whole new world.
  5. i totally understand where the OP is coming from - i traded my last girlfriend for a lighter model.

    shes a biatch but at least i can wrap my arms around her
  6. ^

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I did. But my first bike was missing 3 cylinders and I got a bit frustrated with her lack of torque.
  7. what about the GSX650F vs the SV650S?

    can the gsx be de-restricted also? what about engine characteristics? after the across i dont think i want another buzz box....
  8. hehehe i was sick of my across for the same reason im 6"2

    so i went out and bought the biggest thing i could find (that fitted my criteria of being fun and unique)

    i still have that dr800 now. for a big guy i reckon its an awesome learner bike so i reckon the dr650 would be great. but sv and gsxf would be kick ass to.

    if your looking for tourer i guess gsxf would be the go. and i think its an ecu tune (power commander) to "de-resrict" them from memory. ~$500
  9. ^ First of all, how come all the bleeding heart CBR125 owners who were so mad at experienced riders' opinion on their bikes now convert to something else after they've ridden for a little while?? :p

    But to gsxxer, are you thinking about the SV650S the LAMS approved model or the 'original recipe'? I've heard the LAMS restricted one is not as 'powered' as the open, don't know how that would affect your riding if you're quite heavy.

    I own an SV650 (naked), and I've seen some tall guys on it. I feel that the bike is 'chuckable' and riding position very comfortable. I had to lower mine, so to me, the bike is originally quite tall.

    Have you considered ER-6N or FZ1N? Not sure if they're off-limits in Canberra...

    In saying that, the DR650 is probably a good option too - it's quite cheap and tall.
  10. Bwahaha speaking purely for myself here (not for Drewzor or any other WeeBR enthusiast) I found the 125s to be excellent learner bikes and amazing for corners... for those who are extremely vertically challenged and have no prior experience to riding, pushies or MCs.

    Then I kinda got tired after 11,000 kms and thought to get a two fiddy. I find the Badger a little heavy but you get used to it after a while.

    Maybe it's an option for the OP? FZX250 Zeal.
  11. Living in Canberra you have a lot more options because the capacity limit doesn't apply. You can even get a Harley. :p :LOL:
  12. i would be going for the restricted model yes, then derestrict it once i was off my p's

    i havent seen the yamaha or kawa models in person yet but anything is on the list

    and tony is correct, you can get any size engine as long as it comes under the weight/power limit. maybe ill see if any big tour bikes come under lams
  13. That's why LAMS is good. My bike is a great fit and comfortable for long or short rides. I love the fact that I can see over the top of most cars.