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VIC Anyone Forcibly Pulled Over For A "survey" On The Weekend In Healesville?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Looks like some people were pulled over by the police in order for them to be surveyed by VICROADS drones.
    Here's an extract from another site
    My question is: Why are police forcing all riders to pull over and be surveyed? Isn't this above and beyond their call of duty?
    didn't this happen last year as well?
    The rider in question stated categorically that ALL riders were forced to pull over for the survey. Whether some refused to participate in the said survey or not he does not know.

  2. Yes, myself and 2 buddies were pulled over for this. We were stopping at the Beechworth bakery anyway.

    The survey itself was voluntary and it was for TAC and the yarra ranges shire or whoever.

    Questions asked were things like, how long, what kind of riding, how often you ride, what gear you had on, have you had any accidents etc.

    They have done the same in years gone by... obviously the 4-5 officers there had nothing better to do with their time.
  3. It would be nice if it were for something like the Hurt Report, where they interviewed riders around the Bay area (IIRC) to see what gear they were wearing, what speeds they travelled, what kinds of bikes they rode, their crash history, etc, to compare with the people who did crash on those same roads. The Hurt report is pretty long in the tooth now and AFAIK it's the only one of its kind.
  4. As far as survey science goes, the higher the rates of reply the less bias a survey is the better its results can represent the sample pool. This survey design would get a much higher response rate.

    This survey design is called an on-site survey, however they are heavily biased by location. We use them a lot in fisheries science because local specific results are quite useful and the questions are very focused on individual fishing trips so participent recall rate at a boat ramp is better than a phone survey.

    I'd like to hear more but from the questions but from the sounds of it the survey is not aimed at local trip specific information. There would be a huge bias towards participents on targeted roads. If their intended sample pool is all riders then the results of this survey will be full of shit.
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  5. Who cares what the survey was about???


    Anyone who participated should hang their heads in shame
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. So lets see if I've got this right.

    The police have pulled people over for no legal reason. Then 'forced' people to take part in a survey.

    Sorry but this just smacks of police state tactics."You will comply, it is for your own good, resistance is futile"

    You Victorians are fcuked. I hope this disease doesn't travel north in to NSW.

    Why isn't the VMC all over this? Pick an angle any angle and it can be swung to our (your favour).
  8. I will do no such thing, thank you very much!

    The first thing I asked them was who was it for, and is it voluntary.

    Yes it was for the TAC, and I wanted MY stats included in their data. I wanted it know that YES I ride in FULL protective clothing, WITHOUT the need for it to be mandatory. YES I have completed additional rider training. NO I have NEVER had an accident.

    I disagree with using the VICPOL to force riders to pull over. All 3 of us thought we were about to get defected! But it’s easy to see, with attitudes like yours, how else would they get people to complete their survey?
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  9. *smh*
  10. Are you guys seriously deluded?
    as dougz asked, why the fcuk are vicpol forcing people to be surveyed whether the actual survey is voluntary or not?
    The fact you get forcibly pulled over into a car park then some dude comes up to you with a clipboard and THEN you have the option of saying "no thanks" Factor in the bias then the survey is a joke.
    Typical TAC "consultation" if they are responsible.
    This to me is a real abuse of police powers.
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  11. Chris, the TAC and Vic Roads have a chequered past when it comes to surveying road users. Their surveys are often biased using questions that are leading, with multiple choices that offer no real choice.

    The TAC are not our friends, Vic Roads are not our friends, Vic Police are not our friends. Do not trust them.
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  12. Oh and Chris, they are likely to take the fact that you wear ATGATT and have never had an accident to show that wearing ATGATT stops people from crashing therefore ATGATT will be compulsory.

    Far better to have said nothing.
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  13. To show you're better than the rest? To say "yes, look at me, I fit perfectly into your paradigm (with exception to the fact that I'm on this road), I'm one of the good ones"?

    Oh, and you assume that they are going to use your data exactly you want them to, I suppose?
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  14. I believe its Roadsafe Eastern Metro and Shire of Yarra Ranges that runs this. Did it last year and the year before too.
  15. If it was for those organisations why did they employ police tactics to get people to participate?

    Chris above says it was for TAC. Which was it?

    Either way, I'd be wary of giving them any information without knowing exactly the who/where/what/how of the survey.
  16. well I was invited to be a Marshall by Roadsafe Eastern Metro and Shire of Yarra Ranges so I figure it was them.
  17. We need to get to the bottom of who was running it, and for what purpose.
    I'd like to know before I answered any questions, or even if I don't.
    It doesn't explain the need to pull all riders off the road, which is probably reason enough to decline participation.
  18. This is the important bit.
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  19. To reduce survey bias by avoiding refusal and non response. I don't agree with it but this is why they do it.
  20. so i'm going to put my flame suit on here but...

    wow everyone's got their panties in a twist here!

    i was one of the riders with chris that day and yes i answered their questions. i usually ride all gear all the time, but i've had an accident so i dont fit into their stero typical mold.

    while i dont agree with how they they got us to answer the questions with vicpol directing us towards it, i dont feel that answering these questions will cause the end of the world to happen which looks like how some people are feeling here.

    it would be interesting to know who/what they are going to use these stats for tho