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Anyone for mid week ride?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by chicken78, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Currently on 4 days off till friday.
    If anyone is up for a ride at any stage this week, let me know

  2. I wish, I work Mon -Sat 6am-3pm evey day this week. :(
  3. was thinking about going for a ride today
  4. i can do thursday morning-afternoon
    big fat cruise everybody?
  5. I'm also keen for a ride on wed or thu, if you don't mind a cruiser tagging along :) Kindly post date/time and meeting place, thanks!
  6. Shall do kenman, wed or thurs is looking better for me too, your SE too so any preferances on where? run too warbie for lunch and coffee?
  7. Great! I'm not familiar with the roads and therefore have no preferences, so I'll just go with the flow. Your call really ;)

    Btw, once you post the details, I'm sure they will come...
  8. I could be a maybe for Thurs - I'll keep an eye on this thread.

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  9. ** sigh **

    Mid week ride.....:(
    I'll be too busy driving a bus around with a 0 - 100 in 15 minutes!...lol
  10. I'm in I have Wed & Thursday off and a new bike!!!!!
  11. guys looking like thursday for most people, with the forecast as it stands, are we happy for a 10am start?
  12. A sickie beckons, methinks! Sick of work so need a bike ride :p
  13. :-w
    Now thats not setting a good example lol
    see you thursday :D
  14. Sounds good to me!

    Do it, mate!
  15. I'll check my roster wednesday night... if I'm not working then I'm in
  16. phug!! I hate you people ............ have a safe and fun day ya bastards.....
  17. I think what you have is contagious as I feel sick as well :p
  18. Ok it seems most of those who are going and the "sickies" are in SE melb area? easiest meeting place for people?
  19. am i invited? :-({|=
  20. Its called work sickness. :D

    I ride to work everyday which keeps me sane. A ride in the morning clears the mind and then after a whole day of IT issues - the ride home relaxes me.