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Anyone for golf!?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ezyrider79, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Just had to share this...


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  2. Gotta love it ....! Talk about fully prepared as well - he's already got his golf shoes on !
  3. In the mad rush to grab the camera I missed the :eek:shoes.....
  4. I'm thinking of making something up I can just get a half set in.

    I might need a belt strap as well as a shoulder strap to keep the set at a better angle.
  5. great effort
    *awaits track day motivational*
  6. I'm guessing that his right hand has THE glove on it.
  7. that's much better
  8. Golf clap!? =D>
  9. Ezyrider79,

    I respect you wholeheartedly for covering the riders rego details. Very thoughtful.

    If I had a number plate saying 'SFTCNT', in the case above, I'd cover it too :)
  10. So you guys are all hardcore A-grade trackday nutters?

    It's a closed bag. What's the big deal?