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Anyone find a wallet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ozego, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Somewhere between Gembrook and Marysville?


  2. Cheers for the cash, I'm going crazy right now on ebay with your credit card too. :p
  3. Don't go crazy with that $15 and mind the credit card, it's been cancelled.

    It took the shine of a good day. I had to practically beg a servo attendant for some petrol to get home.
  4. If it makes you feel any better I lost a $750 pair of sunnies out of my backpack a couple of months ago when I was out for a ride.
  5. At least you have the privilege to ride :D unlike me!
  6. $750 for a pair of sunglasses? :shock:

    You really must be a judge.
  7. Went halves with my old chook, I'd never pay that much myself. Awesome sunnies though.
  8. $750 for sunnies??? :shock: Who are you, Paris Hilton?

    Bad luck about the wallet ozego, hope some good citizen hands it in.
  9. For $750 I'd expect nothing less than a head up display and xray vision.
  10. Thanks ughboots. People are usually pretty good that way, I don't care about the money, it's just hassle.
  11. You can't put a price on style.
  12. Yeah, it's not the money, it's the cards, all that cancelling and getting new ones. Sucks big time, but now I'm just stating the obvious....

    You were up around Gembrook today? Surprised we didn't see you, big group of us were on the "Full Moon Ride" up around that direction. Too bad you didn't come along, was a good one.

    See you around!
  13. I want some of those. A bargain at twice the price!
  14. Yeah I was there about 10, just making it up as I went along. I ended up going through Reefton and it was totally empty most of the way, I only saw a handful of bikes between Warby and Marysville and it was pretty light going down to Healsville too.
  15. did the sunnies have a tv in them?
  16. Yeah and an in-built Xbox 360. :p
  17. They must be them special glasses that see thru things for that price :cool: :LOL:
  18. Echo... echo... echo... echo...