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Anyone ever use nose-plugs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Big W, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. I don't know what it is about the cold, but my nose nose runs like a river. Not the claggy snot, but the watery stuff you just can't sniff back up and ends up pooling at the seal of your helmet around your chin!

    Anyone else have this world ending problem? I have shoved bits of toilet paper up there (unused!) and cotton wool etc.

    Come on, I can't be the ONLY one???
  2. Big W, mate I reckon you need to look into Neoprene face masks or a balaclava. Pooling snoot is just wrong.
  3. Run a flexible tube from your nose into your mouth? :p
  4. is your nose on the larger side? if so, maybe it cools down easier than smaller nose.

    the mucus is a defense mechanism to the temperature dropping a preset point, and helps kill off viruses/bacteria that will start to thrive in the lower temperature.

    closed face helemt i'm assuming? try wearing one of those neck scarf thingos, and have itpulled up over your nose a bit too. i dont get a runny nose, too much, but it helps mine from feeling too cold. also stops the wind coming up under the helmet.

    you could try taking hayfever tablets, to see if maybe its not the cold, but actually a allergen related mucus, cant really do any harm.
  5. No. I think they make things for this though...

  6. ... Yup!! .... once the cold weather starts!!... my cute little nose runs a clear watery liquid 8-[. *snort*

    .... I just try and wipe it away with my glove.. but you are right, it just won't sniff back up!!....[-(

    Maybe try a bandana over the nose so you have a ready made snot rag!!... Lol
  7. I have a complete selection of plugs for all my orofices.
  8. :rofl: omg!!.... one up each nostril!!.....With the little strings gently blowing in the breeze!!
  9. :worthlesspics:
  10. Try a saline rinse.

    You can buy a pump pack from the chemist, or if you wanna go heavy duty use a syringe.

    Mix a 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in ~400ml boiled water (to sterilise it).

    I use a syringe to squirt it up one nostril till it comes out the other, then do the other side. Make sure it's luke warm.

    Tilt your head up and down and around when you're done to make sure you drain it all out though.

    Edit: Just looked at my measuring spoon - it's actually 1/2 teaspoon
  11. Grow a beard (or just the moustache).
    The watery snot just sits in the hair above your lip, and when you get off your bike all that is needed is a quick wipe.

    Or you can get a balaclava style cover like others have said.
  12. Fishermans friends work a treat.
    or you could try this:

    Attached Files:

  13. These are good because you can breathe through them but they are light and surprisingly warm. When it is cold I will wear one over the face with a neck sock thing on my neck.

  14. I use a neck warmer made for skiing, and just pull it up over my nose. No problems since, other than looking like a bit of a tart reaching through the gap of my helmet to pull up the warmer. It does make you feel like a ninja.
  15. Maybe tampons?I have the opposite problem,my nose was blocking up making me breath through my mouth and flogging the visor really badly.After experiencing all of this on a 10 hr ride recently I am now using an anitfog pin type shield on my Shoei and a neck sock.Problem solved,visor down and sealed from drafts and zero fogging.I used to get the running nose at the snow,a balaclave solved that
  16. No, having a moustache can actually make matters worse. Nothing quite as annoying as a moe covered in frozen snot.
  17. ..I will count myself lucky on this one!!....8-[
  18. Dyeing it blond doesn't count :-w
  19. Oooooooooo!!.... nasty!!.. :blackeye:
  20. [​IMG]

    About the only one which wouldn't get me an infraction.