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Anyone ever seen a UFO?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. After watching a very second rate UFO doco on SBS tonight, I was wondering how many folk have seen stuff that shouldn't be...

    I thought I saw a UFO once at night as a kid - I looked out the window and saw some strange lights and a vehicle travelling slowly across the front yard. Turns out it was my sisters boyfriend dropping her off - living on a farm, i didn't see many cars in the middle of the night, and being half asleep, my imagination did the rest!
  2. That doco was SO crap!
    Yeh I have seen a UFO.
    It was in the kitchen this morning; it was flat on the bottom, domed on the top and was white around the outside and yellow in the centre.
    My wife said it was an egg, but to me it was just an Unidentified Frying Object.
  3. Ive seen a few Unidentified Floating Objects in public toilets, but nothing airborne.
  4. The official CIA line is that it was poo.

    Hey, two posts and this threads already in the shitter. :roll:
  5. Start a thread with ghost Dan and i'll contribute . Haven't seen any UFO's tho.
  7. Didn't know this thread existed or I would have posted in here.
  8. So funky, when do you think they plan to obliterate the ass of Australia? Hope they leave the Adelaide circuit!
  9. I haven't .....

    ..... but my wife has, seen a UFO. It was over Warilla on the south coast of NSW, she was about 17 at the time and I was very interested in UFOs (and her, as a matter of fact) so I asked her all the classic questions about speed, sheer turning, etc, she ticked all the boxes. Scared the daylights out of her at the time and having a very active imagination, for some time after. Later she had much more scary things to contend with, ie, ME!
  11. TOASTIES ..... had to put that in since this seems the only thread which hasn't mentioned them yet . :p 8) 8)
  12. We were never sure but the old man and I were highway driving back from country NSW to Adelaide, and we saw a "shooting star" that went from horizon to horizon. Didn't look like no shooting star to us, but neither of us are experts.
  13. No, but I heard that 1 in 10 American's believe they have been abducted and suffered at the blunt-end of an Anal-probe. Then again, with American's who can say......

  14. Hmm Toasties...had em for tea last night.

    ever tried a Jam taosty???n Raspberry or Blackberry Jam....very yummy...

    No UFO's though....unless you count my sisters cat after getting hit by a ute :p
  15. hmm I have never seen a UFO... though Australia Post has an actual "in case of" file in their what to do emergency folder... (I have never seen it but my source is an old retired manager who at the age of 65 has discoverd pot and other drugs...)
  16. I have relatives in Ingham (bout 100 k's south of townsville) that have found crop circles in the sugar cane fields and have had neighbours on different occasions with the same odd occurance.