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Anyone ever seen a Ghost?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Not me.

    Freaked myself out plenty of times though in old houses. :LOL:


  2. Looked in too many mirrors Dan?

    (you bored?)

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. yes to both :LOL:
  4. You're right Dan - it is a crap night on telly :roll:
  5. Marty,

    You really are a tool!


    Man there is shit on TV tonight...!

  6. marty just got his idea off the movie "sixth sense" with bruce willis and some little cute kid who crys a lot in it.

    In the movie it basically said that if the rooms cold it means there's ghost/s in it. That's why we have heaters to keep the ghosts out marty :D
  7. Um yep several, and it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when i think about it.

    And all but one was down at that sh** hole of a joint called HMAS Cerberus
  8. Frivolous statement

    Sorry to bring a serious note to the frivolous conversation, but those who deal in the matter of exorcism (leave aside whether you believe in such a thing or not) say that cold rooms, or cold areas within a room are usually taken as signs of spirit activity.
    Having said that, on the basis of my observations on the Merimbula run, most Netriders only have to worry about the sort of spirits that were in that clear bottle someone produced within about 1 minute of arrival! :D
  9. Hey Marty , I belive you
  10. Now if someone wanted to organise a weekend away at the following place....


    It's in Junee. 5 hours from Melbourne. 4.5 hours from Sydney (almost smack bang in the middle).

    Reportedly the most haunted house in Australia.

    It's a bed and breakfast, so you can stay there for the night, in the haunted house. You get the ghost tour as well as part of the package.

    Had another group who were organising it (nothing to do with bikes). From memory it was fairly cheap for the night in place, and you can book the whole place out for a weekend.
  11. Twice , once when i was 15 and other time about 1991 . Was living up in Mackay on a property . Now this was an awesome place . We lived in the middle of cane fields , all you could see in all directions was cane , nothing else . At night i would sit out on the veranda and watch the different fields getting a burn off . One perticular night i was out there , about 11 , and i saw what is best discribed as a foggy figure , see threw if you will but of a humanly shape . It came out of one cane field and glided , i mean glided . As it came in front of where i was sitting it turned and looked at me then proceeded to keep going striaght into the next cane field . Which i might add , the cane never moved when it came out or went back in . Went in and told my housemates at which point they said to stop drinking . I was drinking coffee that day not beer. The first time i didnt think much of it but since the second incounter was more vivid , my belief in ghost's change .
  12. Yes, when I was about 6-7? years old. Saw a side profile of a man going past the window but could see straight through him to the fence. Never told my brother or sisters about it then.

    Almost 25 years later, swapping ghost stories and told this to my younger sister while my older sister was having a shower. When I went to take a shower, my older sister told my younger sister that she saw a ghost in the same house but from different window. Described it exactly to the detail of the same ghost I saw, down to the neck scarf he wore.

    First time I ever heard her story, first time I told her mine. Freaked my younger sister big time.
  13. No ghoulies & ghosties here.

    I ain't fraid of no ghost! :LOL:
  14. I saw a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. Does that count???
  15. I don't recall seeing any, but I have felt the vibe. 8) :shock: 8)