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anyone ever ridden the Nullarbor?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by blue..., Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Well that’s what I'm thinking of doing just after Christmas and early new year…. if you have done it, how long did it take and what sort of things did you see etc?? :)
    and if you havn't... would you like to??

  2. I have ridden it once and driven it several times.

    Make sure your bike has a fuel range of more than the minimum distance between servos on the trip (which can be as high as 200kms). Otherwise work out some way of carrying spare fuel.

    I would strongly avoid doing the trip in summer... early spring would be good, you might even be lucky and get some rain and see the wild flowers.

    I was lucky enough to see the Nullaboor in bloom once, it looks hugely different that way!

    Carry spare water and make sure you have new tyres when you leave and some basic tools (cables, tyre repair kit, chain joining link etc).

    If you do break down then stay with your bike.

    Oh... fuel is very expensive and parts are almost impossible to get. If you do break down then probably your best option is getting to a garage/servo centre (most of which have motels/camp grounds) and then arranging to put your bike on a truck to Adelaide or Perth.

    Theo (who lives in WA) has done this trip more than anyone I know (about 17 times at last count)... well the biggest trouble he's had is the wild life (in his case he's wiped out 1 bike with a Emu and damaged another one).

    You should try and avoid riding near dusk or dawn (Wild life is worst then).
  3. 4 times in August and I leave again Thursday morning so that will be 6 times this year and 4 times last year.

    When you say how long did it take, do you mean to go from Ceduna to Norsman or just the 300 odd klm Nullarbor section ? and I am not the best person to answer how long :LOL:

    No fuel at Yalata.

    Good site http://www.nullarbornet.com.au/maps/nullarborM.html
  4. Starting Warrnambool Victoria through to Perth and around the loop of Albany etc…

    Thanks for the tips so far… I’d be riding a rocket 111, drive shaft… if I carried tyres for it I’d need a trailer, although I'm pretty sure I’d need a change of tyre along the way somewhere’s so I’d better keep some trumpy phone numbers… I plan to use the same stuff off roaders use inside of the tyre to stop leaks from spikes etc….

    Oh, and whats is the speed limit on the way across… is it policed?

    I don’t plan to ride at night “at all†due to animals and people pushing themselves too far until they fatigue crash…
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  6. Roads are good, speed limit is 110 and policed in some areas. Watch out around Eucla WA side of border, there is a cop shop there.

    One would think that lots of people speed across the bottom, this is rarely the case as the faster you go the more fuel you use.

    I use nothing special in my tyres but carry plug kit and small air compressor (cheap on from supershit)

    Why do you think you will need a tyre change ? what klms do you get from tyres. I run across and back no problems this one is about 9500 in 6 days and I have 1600klms on the set already.
  7. I put new tyres on the bike when I left Melbourne and then another set of new tyres on the bike in Perth.

    I never seem to get more than about 6000kms out of tyres at best though...
  8. What do you run ?

    On my older 1000GTR I run Dunflop D205's for distance, so far I have only used the stock Bridestone Battlax 021's on the 1400GTR. Have 8600 on my own bike. This is another trip on Kawasaki's 1400GTR Roku that I rode across and back in August so will see how it goes as there is no tyre change planned this trip, last time they changed tyres at Geraldton. (story on that ride is 12 pages in current Australian Road Rider mag)

    I may be moving to Metlzers or Mich.
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  10. thanks carol.. that was a great read...

    here's the bike that i would be travelling on


    i plan to use a swag and carry one of those fold away chairs...

    im also going to get one of those new fandangled SuperVisors that fit on full faced helmets....

    my bike tyre only has a couple of mils left in the centre although around 5 mils on the outside.. so im not sure how long it will last.. i've done 6800 on this tyre since new...
  11. Beautiful bike!!!!

    Have fun cleaning the bug guts off those shiny bits :p
  12. Missed anything? Are you only wearing your hat when out of your riding gear?
    Some clothes other clothes might be good? :p
    Sunscreen and insect repelent. First aid kit, including panadol. Camera?

    Wife and I rode over and back on our honeymoon...24 years ago, And we're doing it again next year.