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Anyone ever rented through Japan Bike Rentals

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ampto, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. I was going to put this in the touring section but though it would be better here since i haven't actually gone yet.

    The plan is next year around Easter to spend 7-9 days in japan, most of the time we will be traveling on the Shinkansen (bullet train), we are going to book everything hopefully in the next month. I recent stumbled across this page http://japanbikerentals.com/ and thought it would be awesome to spend a few days riding around the japanese landscape, and these guys seem to be dedicated to international visitors.
    I've read around and the problem before is that most local bike rental places where reluctant to hire to international visitors or required you to be fluent in Japanese or have a translator (my Japanese is terrible). I understand the whole international license permit that's the easy part.
    So to cut to the chase has anyone hired or heard of anyone hiring through this business before, i'm not finding anything on the interwebs...

    Eying off the K1200GT...

    Cheers Ampto
  2. Seems awsome. I'm headed over to Tokyo and Kyoto in July.

    From my reading, you need a valid Aust. lic. and a current IDP.

    You then hire the bike and a GPS with english language option and maps of Japan and off you go.

    The only thing is the F800R is $214 a day at current forex rates.

    a bit steep for me. if it was $200 a day and it was a Ducati 1198. maybe.
  3. Yeah i've sussed out the license requirements which all seems straightforward, RACV (or interstate equivalent) organise the IDP paperwork for you for $33.5.

    At this point in time the CB1300 with the luggage opinion seems the most reasonable, but i'll see how the $$$ go closer to the depature date, would love to try one of the BMW, the R1200GT isn't to much of a step up from there.

    I'm only going to hire a bike for 2-3days at the most, the rest of the trip will be by rail. If i was hiring for the whole week well that would be a different story

    EDIT: insurance is also included in the cost which is great
  4. Be careful who you go with foyour travel insurance as a lot exclude big bikes.
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