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Anyone ever got a bike from a wrecker?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rob53, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. I am currently searching of a cheap learner bike, and have found only few bikes available. I did however see some ads for bikes listed at some wreckers.

    I am wondering, is there anything I should know if I get a bike from there? I.e. title's, insurance and etc

    Anything else I would need done besides getting a blue slip, pink slip, greenslip & rego?

  2. Unless you want to wrench on it, make sure its in decent all round nick, as for red tape, I think a simple written receipt should do it.
  3. anyone ever got a bike from a wreckers?

    Hi , I bought mine from a wreckers unregistered in 2006. Have been totally happy with it - but it is the only bike i have owned so nothing to compare with. Supposedly the owner couldnt trade it in on the new bike and didnt have much response with private selling. Basically it is an older bike 1985 Kawasaki LTD model so not really in demand!
    It cost me around $1500 to buy it and get it registered and since has only had some minor work done on it. I have found it a relief to ride around and not feel too precious about the bike - especially when i was first learning.
    I had a friend check it out before i bought it but seeing it wasnt registered we couldnt take it off the premises. I just felt good about it - it felt the right size and hadnt been in a bingle, the rego was just out as well and it was in good condition generally. Each bike is its own story but my experience with a "wrecked bike"has been fine.
    Good luck with the search :)
  4. yep, a few.
    just like buying one from anywhere.
    do all appropriate revs etc. checks and make sure you know what you are buying.
  5. Do your research and you should be okay.
  6. Ask someone thats bought a bike from sumoto. They're practically a wrecker that sells trash
  7. Wow this is a great response!

    I don't mind doing a bit of work on a bike as long as it's running as such. I am sort-of handy with car repairs (old vw) so I hope it's not too much of a stretch to work on a bike. (never done it before)

    Ok apart from doing a rev's check, and making sure it's a LAM, what other research should I do?
  8. Make sure everything lines up (Frame, swingarm, subframe, forks). Look carefully for damage and if there is any make a list and get prices for each and every part. Parts can be deceivingly expensive and there are many who have underestimated the costs involved and ended up paying more than they should. Test ride the bike and make sure it tracks straight. There are forums around for practically ever bike model so check there to find out the common problems that particular model can have.
  9. Thanks for the help everyone, I will do my research and hopefully find a suitable bike.

  10. Deafwish in Melbourne bought a repaired write-off Kawa 1000 from a guy here in Wollongong. I forget how much he paid (I just did the inspection for him) but I remember that it has a complete Muzzy exhaust system, which must have been worth a shekel or two by itself. (It sounds great too!!)
  11. Pq1X62KA.

    I bought an '82 CB1100F from a wreckers a coupla years ago, got it regoed and gradually tidied it up - it was in fair condition, they are notorious for not being good handlers, but it improved after only having 12 psi in the rear tyre and 6 or 7psi in the front (seriously!), came with a rattly top-end as most of them do, even won a trophy at a rally with it :shock: It was my daily rider, the new SRV250 I had as well became the weekend fun bike, believe it or not.

    All for (including purchase price) under 3k. Sold it for $3500. Bargain :)
  12. U pay through the nose! cuz they re sell them .. need to make profit somehow.

    i say this because i was at a couple of wreckers today, prices were unbelievable, but there was a bike there the same as a mate got private sale 2 days before it was in sh*i condition and cost *600 more. (was a CX 500 sports)
  13. Everyone is making a profit off a sale, don't kid yourself. They are all just as overpriced as each other, private is generally better as they have things forcing them to sell. A dealer can sit on a bike for as long as they want (Which generally isn't long, due to new models, so they have runout sales...).
  14. Well, on mine the wreckers made their profit, and apart from running costs, I made my profit when I sold the thing later on :)
  15. How cheap are you looking for?

    Ebay has a lot of bikes needing work. Mates of mine have acquired 250's, non-running for $500 and turned it into a useable proposition on the road for under $1000.