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Anyone ever bought a kogan?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Azamakumar, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. So I've generally heard good things about kogan, and I've recently built a HTPC which I intended to hook up to a tv. The bottom line is that I can grab a full HD 40" LED panel with a 100hz refresh rate for $600 delivered.

    All things considered that's a damn good deal, plus I come in well under my $1800 budget for pc + tv. I have my credit card in one hand but I'm still not too sure. Am I going to get stuffed around or they actually a decent company to do business with?

    EDIT: a proper look around says estimated delivery 1st april, guess that explains the price. Question still stands as to whether they're reputable.
  2. Check the retail thread bagging harvey norman in off topic, a netrider bought one
  3. cheers smee
  4. a work associate of mine bought a Kogan netbook a couple of years ago

    it was delivred with linux, but we upgraded it to XP Pro, all the drivers we needed were on the Kogan web-site, and worked first up; many of the big manufacturers can't boast that

    I emailed their support people on another unrelated issue and received a courteous reply with two hours, and the solution within 24 hours

    I have no experience with the TVs, and stuff, however

    {A huge number of the world's flat screen TVs have Samsung innards anyway...}
  5. not TV's but..

    friend bought their E-book reader for kid for xmas..

    Boxing day screen doesnt work any more..

    answer: sorry screen not covered by warranty.
  6. Debatable :p.
  7. About 3 months ago I bought a 22" Kogan LCD + inbuilt DVD for my gym room. Seems like a good little unit. I've got no complaints with it so far. Mine was delivered quickly after ordering.
  8. If you want to log onto a NSW Department of Education domian network, it's mandatory.....
  9. Stupid is as stupid does .... :wink:
  10. Yep, that would be me :). Still very happy with the 32" LCD I bought and can't fault delivery given it only took one day to arrive.

    Only thing to be careful with is the fact they have a lot of different models which vary in where the LCD display is sourced from. The cheapest models appear to be using generic displays, but their higher-spec ones are using panels from LG, Samsung etc. which is exactly what most of the "big-brands" are using (there's only a handful of factories in the world producing large LCD displays).
  11. Well, I just ordered a cheapy 19" LED HD TV with PVR and DVD player for the bedroom, using the live price option - the TV isn't made yet. It'll be available in April. I suspect pathetic sound quality at that price... but can't argue too much.
  12. The basic spec of the Kogan I saw in the Aldi specials seemed decent, but there's a lot more to the picture quality than just the pixel count.

    Contrast Ratio is a big one to watch with LED, and the actual one, not the Dynamic Contrast Ratio. It's improved greatly in recent times from once being way behind Plasma.

    I see a lot of the cheaper LCD sets at the Targets, Aldi, Big W and such that have a pretty ordinary picture. It seems they're often cheap because of hardware that's now been improved upon.

    Still very reasonable value for what you get, probably, so long as you don't think the $600 model is going to match an $1800 one because it's the same size and pixel count.

    From what I've heard, the electronic stuff Aldi gets is generally pretty good.

    On a related note, Huawei branded phones that are starting to show up now appear to be pretty good. Apparently the company makes a lot of this sort of stuff for other brands, like the USB wireless modems you get with Internet plans, for example.

    My Brother recently bought one of these, which are now going here for $69 (unlocked) -

  13. Although with no real standard for contrast ratio the figures used by some manufacturers are meaningless since they may well be based on "rigged" testing.

    It's a bit like when one of the major brands got caught out after it was found their fridges would power down at a specific temperature, conveniently exactly the same temperature used for calculating the energy star rating.

    Even store displays are no real help. I've noticed quite a few modern TVs now have a special "display mode" for use in stores that sacrifices longevity for bright colours and high contrast.
  14. It's still something to look into.

    If they're a bit coy about the number or only show the dynamic ratio, then it seems to usually mean it's not that good. It's a selling point, so if the panel is particularly good in that respect they'll usually trumpet it, though this "1 000 000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio" sort of stuff does cloud the issue.

    When the Samsung panels hit 15 000:1 Full HD and excellent wide viewing angles about four years ago, the picture quality took a noticable step up and there was new depth to LED.

    The trouble is that it's something not a lot of people seem to know to look for. Standing a fair way back at a row of screens seems to help. If the LCD you're looking at seems somehow lifeless compared to the Plasmas, that's often a good clue.

    I also notice the bargain models in Big W seem to have cartoony stuff on Blu-Ray players (no rescaling), which shows the nice crisp resolution and flat but bright colours, but none of colour or brightness gradation that's much harder to nail, so a lot of the shortcomings are hidden.

    The recent LED LCD panels do seem to be far better at achieving a much higher dynamic figure in a way that actually works, but some of the cheaper and smaller ones with fanciful numbers simply have a poorer picture. Poorer even than many a CRT screen, albeit with higher resolution. Some of them, quite frankly, are terrible.

    A set top box/PVR, decent widescreen PC monitor and add some half decent speakers and you'll probably have better sound and picture up to around 24" for less $.
  15. A mate of mine has a 42" with an LG panel. He swears by it and I can't say anything bad about it either.
  16. I have two Kogan digital radios - the older one tends to reset itself everyday at least once every day (I use it 8 hours a day at work) - no big deal as the station memory stays etc, just a curious bug. Otherwise, the sound quality is amazing for a $150 radio, nothing goes wrong with it. The newer model has a remote, more memory presets, sounds better again. And they both dock and play ipods and iPhones without trouble.

    I also have a 7" Kogan photo display - very happy with it. My mate's got an LED 42" TV - he's very happy with it; I too was very impressed with the picture quality.

    From what I have read online generally, Kogan's products are pretty much premium Chinese stuff at middling prices - all in all that's quite decent I think. Premium Chinese stuff are generally quite good (I have a carbon fibre Benro camera tripod) - so often our perception of Chinese products have been bad ones, simply because over the past 15-20 years the Aust market has been flooded with poor Chinese stuff. Better Chinese stuff's coming through - pretty much what Kogan is. I found Kogan's online service (asked them about the wifi on my digital radio) was quick and well informed.

    Ruslan Kogan (the owner) has a big mouth and he has his critics, but I'd get another Kogan product at the drop of the hat.
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  18. Does having caught a bogan count?
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