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Anyone Else?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by not_sane, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Anyone else feel like smashing their head against a wall?

    you know when you can feel that shit is about to happen and you know you should just piss off somewhere for a week...

  2. Yep....it started last night about 11:00...i just know something is gonna #$%& today!
  3. Already has for me, I'm on a week's notice of resignation from my work, home, looking for jobs. Any idea how many companies DON'T want 56 year olds with 15 year's industry experience?
  4. Funnily enough, no,I don't. Today is the frist day for two weeks when I haven't had a call to go to a school. so I'm going to kick back and relax today. Pity about the wind, though. It's blowing like mad here in Wollongong, otherwise I'd go for a ride.

    (Mrs RC prolly wouldn't agree with that last comment. I think she's got some yard work for me to do!!)
  5. fcuked up shit this week

    sunday night - gf, - parents- motorbike.
    Monday bout lunchtime fcuked up shit it work, accelerated monday night- parents motorbike. gf. no sleeping on monday night.
    tuesday -morning, parents motorbike. - work. - parents- motorbike. gf. F*CKWIT IN A LASER. not much sleeping
    wednesday- work. parents. gf. got a break for 1/2 hour with mates. gf.
    thursday- gf. work... so far
  6. fcuk THIS, goin home
  7. hey man, you need a holiday, or at least a few days off!!! Have a long weekend, starting now, and go for a ride. If your boss whinges, tell him to call me and I'll deal with it. Enjoy, as my sig says, "life is very short...."
  8. i get that feeling everytime i walk in the door at work :oops:
  9. You need a warm bath with a single candle flickering away to absorb your evils . Play classical music at a soft level to relax your mind and burn a lavander incense to indulge the senses .


    Go out and get PISSED .
  10. the simple solutions are always the best!
  11. ... of course, the problem will still be there when you sober up, but what the hey?
  12. :D sssmmmiiilllleeeyyy

    went home bobcat is pullin back yard apart, knocked down a wall with a sledge hammer, threw concret, broke palm tree roots with a shovel and crow bar, talkies, actually got to see the gf (her parents are *&$*&*$&*#*&@^($&%(#$&*#($)

    psychoticly fast really happy music is good. :D drivin round for while seen a couple of mates, blasted the fully sick sub to some cockhead who thought his was the shit :shock: ....priceless. :D

    don't worry I have tomorrow night to get..bbbbllliiinddd

    heap of mates, dicey's, know most of the bar girls :D ... you have that down there? dicey riley's?
  13. Sure do. Top end of Wollongong up near the Traino!!
  14. :-({|= :-({|= :-({|= :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)